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300Two Spam messages and authors deleted.

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  • Gary O. Grimm
    Apr 10 10:23 AM
      The last two spam messages were able to come in because we did not have one filter in
      place that I was unaware of. Previously people had to get one of the moderators permission
      to join and become a member. I thought this meant they had to be a member to post
      messages. However I found one setting that allowed others to post. I have changed this now
      and only members who have been approved can post messages. Approval means that they
      have to explain their interest in this particular group discussion.

      There is another setting that we are hesitant to turn on that requires that one of the
      moderators approve any messages, even from members, before they are posted. I have
      personally been moderating several of these Yahoo groups and have only seen a few small
      spam issues coming from unknown people (These may be machine initiated and sent out to
      thousands of open groups). We believe the filters we have set now should stop this type of

      This group has had only a few of these minor spam problems and we are open to discussion
      about how to handle future issues.

      Gary Grimm
      A group moderator