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RE: [icons-rpg] Original vs Licenced Universe

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  • MikeM
    The last time I played in a Marvel game, one of the NPC s had a dimensional travel power. He would monitor the dimensions, and when one needed help, we would
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      The last time I played in a Marvel game, one of the NPC's had a dimensional travel power.  He would monitor the dimensions, and when one needed help, we would go. Our home dimension was a homebrew however.  We fought along side the Avengers and the X-Men, the Justice League and the WildCATS.  It was a great time. We would also spend time in the universe doing our own things. It was a great time. 

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      I thought I'd try a Marvel-light game, only featuring less known NPCs, but the players (who weren't even Marvel Fans) just loved interacting with well known characters like Reed Richards or Spider-Man. They kept pulling in more and more canonical characters so by the end you couldn't throw a brick in the air without hitting a cameo appearance of some hero.

      I had a group with the same problem. Whenever they'd face a threat of any significance, they would call the X-Men or Fantastic Four (because I caved earlier on and allowed them to befriend them) for help. This was fine on occasion, but it reached a point to where they were calling them in for every threat. I had the NPCs begin to balk at it, but they were insistent. So, I talked to them about it and they tried to convince me that it's unrealistic for the X-Men to refuse all the time or for the Fantastic Four to always be away. So, I came up with a solution. In order to call in a group, each character would have to lose 200 or 400 Karma (I can't recall which). They, of course, complained. My reasoning was that constantly calling for help (even for threats they could handle themselves) isn't exactly heroic... and being unheroic will make characters lose Karma. They begrudgingly agreed and things went back to normal. After the habit was broken, I stopped charging the Karma.

      But I digress. 

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