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RE: [icons-rpg] Original vs Licenced Universe

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  • Soylent Green
    You re absolutely right. You can t really do story based on history if you have no history. Sort of reminds of the animated movie Next Avengers . As a story
    Message 1 of 17 , Sep 22, 2010
      You're absolutely right. You can't really do story based on history if you have no history. Sort of reminds of the animated movie "Next Avengers".  As a story in itslef own right it's merely okay, what makes it sing is the way the legendary aspect of the classic Avengers (including the Hulk) is played.

      Though I guess you example relies on the players themselves being pretty comic literate too. Taskmaster might be a cool NPC in his own right, however the significance of geting trained by Taskmaster is something only a comicbook buff is going to get.

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      > Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 02:31:19 -0500
      > Subject: Re: [icons-rpg] Original vs Licenced Universe
      > On 9/22/2010 2:15 AM, Soylent Green wrote:
      > > I my case it wasn't so much a problem. It was mot like the PCs helping out the Fantastic Four rather than the FF helping the PCs, but I can see how that might happen.
      > Funny enough few people I've played with ever called the big setting
      > heroes when the game was set in that universe. It never came up--DC or
      > Marvel. Although it might in my current Marvel Saga game. I don't know.
      > We'll see when its over I guess.
      > One of the reasons I had for using Marvel this time around was the ready
      > background of history--there are THOUSANDS of minor villains who aren't
      > used, many who've existed and been defeated and then upgraded their
      > gear, and so on. In this game a bunch of teens in one of the really
      > "rough" parts of Marvel New York stumble upon a cache of old villain gear.
      > Primarily because most people's common sense says "Broken goblin
      > glider found in the gutter when I was scrapping some old tin, I need to
      > chunk that, the Goblin is nuts, no way I want to do more than bury it
      > somewhere real deep so no one finds it or thinks about.." The ordinary
      > person who doesn't want to get caught up in heroism or villainy.
      > You can't do that with "made up now universes" unless they have the
      > rich tapestry of 40+ years of history, at least not without fudging a bit.
      > Of course in this game the teens suffer: gangs, drug dealers, drive by
      > shootings, hostile humanity in its numerous forms. They don't need
      > powers to make teenagers lives miserable and likely short.
      > However, with the gear, modified, a bit of mentoring...well we'll see
      > what happens.
      > In this case the mentor who found them was Batroc, yes, silly French
      > villain, also generally a noble guy at heart, criminal sure, but
      > honorable in his own way. Old, seeing the world that preys on children.
      > He offers them a deal. He'll get someone to train them, modify the gear,
      > make it work. Let them turn the table on the predators.
      > So he hired Taskmaster to train them. Taskmaster thought "Batroc. Man
      > your nuts, kids for a new brigade?" but the price is right. Of course.
      > Except they gave away they're going to be heroes. He was all going to
      > sabotage them, a little. Let them be good guys but make sure they can't
      > turn on him.
      > Only problem is the 13-14 year old girl who finally found foster parents
      > who treat her nice, happened upon him after a normal job. He had broken
      > ribs. She told him about HER broken ribs when a foster father (past)
      > beat her with a cane. How the heck does even Taskmaster look at a girl
      > not but an inch into puberty who says that seriously not feel something?
      > They're wrecking his inevitable betrayal but its fun to see.
      > In order to make this on Icon's lets do this. Let's brainstorm a few old
      > villains for people use who are "gone now" whose gimmicks could be
      > passed. Give enough history to give them some backstory, and their gear
      > be interesting.
      > What Artifacts of Evil would be lying in the Icon's verse for teens to
      > find and become heroes?
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    • MikeM
      The last time I played in a Marvel game, one of the NPC s had a dimensional travel power. He would monitor the dimensions, and when one needed help, we would
      Message 2 of 17 , Sep 25, 2010
        The last time I played in a Marvel game, one of the NPC's had a dimensional travel power.  He would monitor the dimensions, and when one needed help, we would go. Our home dimension was a homebrew however.  We fought along side the Avengers and the X-Men, the Justice League and the WildCATS.  It was a great time. We would also spend time in the universe doing our own things. It was a great time. 

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        I thought I'd try a Marvel-light game, only featuring less known NPCs, but the players (who weren't even Marvel Fans) just loved interacting with well known characters like Reed Richards or Spider-Man. They kept pulling in more and more canonical characters so by the end you couldn't throw a brick in the air without hitting a cameo appearance of some hero.

        I had a group with the same problem. Whenever they'd face a threat of any significance, they would call the X-Men or Fantastic Four (because I caved earlier on and allowed them to befriend them) for help. This was fine on occasion, but it reached a point to where they were calling them in for every threat. I had the NPCs begin to balk at it, but they were insistent. So, I talked to them about it and they tried to convince me that it's unrealistic for the X-Men to refuse all the time or for the Fantastic Four to always be away. So, I came up with a solution. In order to call in a group, each character would have to lose 200 or 400 Karma (I can't recall which). They, of course, complained. My reasoning was that constantly calling for help (even for threats they could handle themselves) isn't exactly heroic... and being unheroic will make characters lose Karma. They begrudgingly agreed and things went back to normal. After the habit was broken, I stopped charging the Karma.

        But I digress. 

        Cynthia Celeste Miller
        President, Spectrum Games

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