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Re: Random Roll with Customization

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  • yorrick99
    Thanks, Tommy. I ve been thinking that way about balance, at least in heavy point-buy systems, ever since I read an article called Pointless Champions by
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      Thanks, Tommy.

      I've been thinking that way about balance, at least in heavy point-buy systems, ever since I read an article called Pointless Champions by Theron Bretz (who I think is slated to write an adventure for ICONS). I applied that logic (apply whatever points are needed to fit the character concept and let people have wildly different levels if needed) to all my subsequent DC Heroes games, where it led to the creation of a group that fit perfectly with the power imbalances we saw in the Justice League and Avengers comics of those days.

      Been out of practice though, and I'll need to get a better feel for ICONS before I feel as comfortable fiddling with little things.

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "Tommy Brownell" <tommyb@...> wrote:
      > For my part, I have long maintained that game balance is only relevant as
      > long as people are having fun. If it's "unbalanced", to switch things
      > around? Go for it...as long as it improves your experiences.
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      > Subject: [icons-rpg] Random Roll with Customization
      > The random roll method makes character generation fast, but having come from
      > a point-buy character generation background, it's hard not to want to tweak
      > it with some customization. Not for min-maxing so much as to fit character
      > concept.
      > For example, the rolls my wife made to make a character helped her flesh out
      > a character concept, but if all I did was change her Origin from Trained to
      > Transformed, it would make for a cleaner design--take away the Expert
      > Weapons (Blades) and Martial Arts Specialties to drop her to the three
      > specialties she rolled without the +3 Trained bonus and add the +2
      > Transformed bonus to her Prowess. She'd be just a slightly better all around
      > fighter [basically +1 better with unarmed fighting--not much different].
      > Then I would let her keep the 3 powers she rolled [without the minus 2
      > powers for Trained penalty], and she could have added Attack and Defense
      > options to Light Control as Bonus powers when she rolled it. I'd suggest a
      > Light Sword (better and more in-concept than her regular sword) and the
      > Defensive use of holographic copies of herself that she thought up in the
      > game [represented mechanically by letting her substitute her Light Control
      > Rank for her Coordination when dodging--Force Field defense acting as
      > Invulnerability would be significantly better from a min-max perspective,
      > but doesn't really fit the concept as she described it].
      > That requires just changing one roll (for the Origin) and everything would
      > fit together better.
      > Or with my daughter's character, her Mental Blast didn't fit her concept and
      > wasn't very useful due to her low Willpower; she would have been much better
      > off with a Strike power at the same Rank, representing an alien sword.
      > On the other hand, my son's combo worked out just fine with what he wanted.
      > I'll probably offer my wife and daughter the chance to tweak these
      > characters in this fashion. I don't think it will unbalance anything
      > So, random rolling is a great spark, but I think that in addition to
      > swapping two Ability scores, it's helpful to be able to change just one or
      > two other things. Of course, it's all a trust issue based on who is at the
      > table.
      > And I'm not saying the random rolling is a bad idea, just that it can be
      > more frustrating for some people than for others and I'm in a situation
      > where I need to entice family to play.
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