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Anything worth stealing from ICONS?

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  • Michael Taylor
    ... Well, blaming the victim is one way to look at it. The players were friends, good (though newbie) roleplayers, so I didn t see that as a problem. As GM it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2010
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      > They mostly seemed to be very considerate of each other and often
      > insisted on using personal Karma first before touching the pool, which
      > leads me to think this is less a problem with mechanics and more just
      > how a group of players interact with each other.
      > >
      Well, blaming the victim is one way to look at it.
      The players were friends, good (though newbie) roleplayers, so I didn't see that as a problem.
      As GM it seemed to like a pretty logical way to interpret the rules.
      The carrot was there, the players took it and used it to their advantage.
      > Yes but that's you as the GM doing it, what about if the players want a
      > moment like that? It doesn't have to be a big deal or anything, for
      > example only allow it once or twice per issue and require a Hero Point
      > from each player to get a +1 Dice Bonis or something for doing it as a
      > massive group resurgence, etc...
      > >
      Well, then can't they just spend a 'Hero Point'Dice' and do that?
      What's the difference between that and what you are thinking of as a 'Splash Page'?
      > >
      > Man is there anything I suggested that you liked? :P
      Nope. But I wanted you to know that I wasn't dismissing them out of hand.
      ICONS caused me to think thought long and hard about them as well. ;)
      > Perhaps it is my players over the years, but the levels of abuse you
      > propose (Batman example or the "Where's the Beef?") I have never seen in
      > any game I have played in. I imagine the groups I play with would first
      > ask that kind of player to tone it down first and if they didn't, then
      > not invite them back to play.
      Well, guess what!  I believe that you will see that level of abuse a LOT in ICONS.
      The rules (and the artwork) do nothing but encourage it.
      It's may be fun for some players, but I dont think I would enjoy that kind of game.
      If you've got nothing but a great pool of excellent players to draw upon then congradulations!
      What the heck are you worried about rules for!?!? :D
      With good players the rules are irrelevant. It's only with inexperienced or average players that you have to make sure the rules will encourage the kind of playing you want.

      > As for suggesting it is "cheesier", that is again something that each
      > individual group will determine for themselves. Any concept or even
      > mechanic, if pushed to the point of abuse or used mockingly, that will
      > always undermine a serious game. That said some folks love that sort of
      > thing, they want their games to be like "The Tick" or "Mystery Men".
      > >

      Sure, and I've got no problems with moments like that.
      But I dont want to add rules that will encourage players to do that ALL the time.
      And telling the players that you'll get Hero Points/Dice for yelling our your 'Catch Phrase' or you 'Tag-Line' I think will do that.
      Don't get me wrong - I'd give a Hero Dice for it the first time - but not contually.
      Not enough to count it as an permanent character trait (advantage, disad, power, etc.).
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