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Aspects, W ho Needs ‘ Em?

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  • Soylent Green
    In case people missed this, Steve Kenson discusses Aspects in Icons on his blog. http://stevekenson.com/2013/07/08/icons-aspects-who-needs-em/ It s an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2013
      In case people missed this, Steve Kenson discusses Aspects in Icons on his blog.

      It's an interesting blog entry that mirrors my experience. Overall I think our group has got better and disciplined with tag Aspects but overall it's seems to be a 

      Even when it is never used in play an Aspect matters because it captures and communicates the character. If I remember corrects in the rules for Over the Edge drawing a sketch of your character was a mandatory part of the rules. Aspects have that kind of function.

      In actual play it's a bit of a numbers game. That is to say for every Aspects invocation that is so right in makes everyone around the table grin, they will be a few that are bit lame. It is worth sticking with it and maybe quickly glossing over the lame ones which don't add much but don't hurt either for those times that it really does come together.

      One of the discussions we had in our group about Aspects is whether certain Aspects are effectively implicit Aspects. 
      If the Troll throws a punch at you, wanting spend Determination to a Coordination test to avoid a world of pain is a pretty natural reaction. Is shouting your character's catch phrase really meaningful at that instance? Well, maybe the Mighty Saguaro's "Desert plants are survivors!" might be!  We've not come to any particular conclusion on this.

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