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Consumption versus Ingestion Adaptation

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  • Fabrício César Franco
    Last year, I proposed in Eidolons! a power called Ingestion Adaptation , to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2013
      Last year, I proposed in Eidolons! a power called "Ingestion Adaptation", to represent what Matter-Eater Lad, from DC Legion of Super Heroes, Gourmand, from Ben 10, or Gluttony, from Fullmetal Alchemist, could do. For the ones who didn't see it, I quote (and I beg a little patience for the ones not awfully interested):

      Offensive Power
      You can eat anything you want to without feeling sick, getting poisoned, or suffering any other ill effects. Your power to eat hard objects stems from your invulnerable set of teeth, mouth, and alimentary canal, in conjunction with unbelievably corrosive digestive enzymes that act on specific substances, making them easier to chew and digest (treat this as a very powerful Acid - you can even spit it out, causing half of your Ingestive Adaptation level). The level of your Ingestive Adaptation determines the material Strength of what you can consume.

      The power had two Extras, as they are called now (bonus powers, back then):
      Component Analysis: as a bonus power, your super-taste buds can instantly analyze the compositions of various foodstuffs and even detect substances which are poisonous. You can also determine the nature of various chemicals in substances.
      Superfast Induced Metabolism: as a bonus power, you can metabolize food almost instantaneously, and if needed, you can consume tons of food in minutes. As soon as the digestion process begins, the matter consumed is immediately transformed into food energy by your stomach. That energy fuels you to move at a faster and faster rate of speed, as long as the energy supply keeps coming. When you stop eating, the excess energy is collected and stored, in concentrated form, in your fat cells. Over the course of a couple of days, this stored energy is micro-diffused out of the body through pores in the skin.

      With the edition of Great Power, I noticed that there's a new power called Corrosion, with an Extra named Consumption which does pretty much what Ingestive Adaptation does, but without the bonus powers. Also, Consumption says nothing about the material Strength of what can be consumed.

      My question to the list is: should it be kept? Or is it an unnecessarily granulity? Let me say it straightforwardly that I take no offense in case it's thought unnecessary, so please pull no punches.

      Fabrício Franco
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