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Re: [icons-rpg] Villain A Day (The Troll)

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  • John McMullen
    Thank you. And if you look under Characters, you ll find a PDF named Villain A Day, which has all of the posts, my comments on some of the commentary, a piece
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      Thank you.

      And if you look under Characters, you'll find a PDF named Villain A Day, which has all of the posts, my comments on some of the commentary, a piece of stolen artwork from Dan Houser, and a couple of extra story ideas, because I realized that a few were hard to actually play.

      The PDF is not quite right, so I might change it in the future.

      I do not think I will do it for Villainomicon. I might do it for the new ICONics when I buy  Great Power, but I haven't decided that.
      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

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      Well done John! And thank you for this series of posts which have been among the most consistently interesting, inspiring and constructive things to appear on this list in long time.

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      And the last one, The Troll. 

      One-sentence summary: An unstoppable soldier of misfortune for anyone caught in his way.

      To deal with The Troll, you must be either insanely powerful (Diamond could hurt him, but he could hurt Diamond…so she won't), provoke his berserk rage (while you have some other plan in mind), or use "the Batman option" (pay him off to leave). The last isn't a particularly heroic tactic and doesn't make for good stories, so it's best reserved for cleanup—a situation where you have to mop up all the opposition in a few minutes.
      The Troll knows about Sigma-9; his search for Rex Mundi led him to Le Dominateur, and the secret base in the North Atlantic. He laughed off any attacks that Sigma-9 could muster, and eventually discovered that Sigma-9 had killed the man.
      The Troll doesn't hide out, per se; he wants to be in a known location so that employers can find him (he does have an internet address, though finding equipment he can use is a challenge; he tends to go for the computer equipment sold for rugged locations). He can shrug off almost anything thrown at him. Still, he doesn't want to deal with superheroes and the armed forces all the time; he's got jobs to do, you know? So he stays in cities and towns most of the time—it keeps the authorities from dropping a nuke on him. When he does need to go into the wilderness, he does so secretly and he uses Burrowing to make a hideout. He has safe houses (holes in the ground) with amenities all over.
      He's also not above trading favors in return for conveniences. Is someone threatening the person who lives next to him, so the police are likely to bother him? He takes care of them, generally violently. (He's also not above moving if the favor looks like too much trouble.)
      He uses his spines—the Strike—on "regular" people, only letting loose with his strength against supers and buildings. He doesn't mind murder, but he knows that the police get much huffier about murder than about property damage. Still, he's got a small collection of manslaughter charges.
      What does a twelve-foot tall, one ton monster do to relax? He likes a few gallons of beer; he often hides near honky-tonks for the music; he likes to watch the A-Team for its comedy value. He doesn't read any more (he used to read only tactical and strategic guides before, and frankly, few are written for someone with his abilities), and he likes a good fight.
      Unlike Recluse, who doesn't want to be a spider-monster, Cassidy has always been sure that he was this monster, and the transformation just made visible what was already there. He's pretty sure that he will stay this monster until he dies, and he doesn't plan to die in retirement. (Perhaps he should be grateful to Rex Mundi, but he doesn't work that way: Rex changed him without permission, so he must die.)
      In your campaign, he's more the face of evil than evil itself. Yes, they are likely to encounter him but he is also equally likely to discover that he's employed by someone else to do what he's doing. He's a gateway villain: when the players investigate him, they find the real problem. 

      Story Ideas

      • The Troll has just roughed up (and seriously hurt) some people who were bothering his neighbors, and by extension, risking him with exposure. Someone investigating the whispered rumors of the Troll might uncover almost anything: a protection racket, a blackmail scheme, or industrial espionage. This is an adventure that uses the Troll as a hook, rather than being about the Troll.
      • Someone is offering a cure to the Troll. The Troll is going to rough them up just to show that he doesn't care. But that someone has already contacted the player characters for protection. (And that someone is probably Rex Mundi, operating through a dummy corporation.)
      • The Serpent Sphinx could use an able, strong retainer; he just has to find the Troll and get close enough for the mind control to work.
      • Rex has managed to track down an illegitimate child of Cassidy's, on the theory that what worked on Cassidy might work on his blood relative. It provides superpowers, yes, but the character's self image was not one of destruction. The actual self-image depends on your players, but it might be Emotion Control (Despair), or a hatred for the missing parent, Cassidy. Now Rex releases the child near the Troll, to watch the fireworks. Can the heroes contain it?
      • The Troll has put some dates together and realized that Sigma-9 could not have killed Rex; there must be another individual. He tells Sigma-9 this, and then lets the robot find Rex, and moves in for the kill. The Troll isn't subtle, so the heroes discover the destruction. Rex likes isolation, to the military calls in an airstrike to deal with the Troll. Can the heroes save the innocents in the same area?
      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

    • John McMullen
      My apologies for not trimming that reply.
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        My apologies for not trimming that reply.
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