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Villain A Day (Recluse)

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  • John McMullen
    One-sentence summary: The spider that walks like a man, but doesn t want to. The basic Recluse story is about his urge to be normal again, and the lengths
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      One-sentence summary: The spider that walks like a man, but doesn't want to.

      The basic Recluse story is about his urge to be normal again, and the lengths he'll go in trying to make this happen. This urge plays itself in various ways. Even in his hiding places (Recluse doesn't call them lairs) he strives to make them normal, like a regular person would. You might think that he steals to fund searches for cures...he does, but he also steals things that he thinks are normal. "A normal person would have that, so I'm going to get that." He hangs pictures. His hideouts tend to be filled with furniture and things advertised on TV and mannequins in fashionable clothes. (He avoids pictures of dogs playing poker; he has no patience for furries or anime of that sort.) 

      He might be prone to periods of self-pity.  One can imagine him drunk in a small-town jail, and escaping with maximum collateral damage after he sleeps it off.

      Though it's easy to imagine Recluse as a stupid goon, he's actually quite clever. He managed to avoid being killed by ancient traps and navigated the tricky politics around treasure sites for years before the business with Aca Tzenul. If someone came with a business proposition for Steven Porter, rather than Recluse, he might well take it. (After all, a normal person would. So plans that Recluse initiates can be quite detailed and smart; but they don't have to be. When he's working for someone else, all he cares about is the pay, not the work.

      Story Ideas

      • Someone comes looking for Steven Porter, because he has a treasure he wants retrieved. A treasure under the watch of the heroes (perhaps an ancient artifact that will be on display but temporarily placed with them for safekeeping. Recluse needs it, because treasure hunting is his business.

      • Recluse has been using a go-between, someone he hired over the Internet, to handle purchases and contacts that require going out in public. (He tends to draw stares and screams when he goes out.) And now, he might have fallen in love with her. He thinks he might have. And he's indulging in what he doesn't know is spider courting behavior; he's leaving little gifts for her: fruit baskets he's stolen, flowers, frozen chickens, freshly-killed cows. She's freaked, and he has this confusion that "gift" means "food" or at least something that shows his prowess as a hunter. And now he really wants to impress her, with a hero laid out and probably freshly killed. The hero is one of your PCs.

      • The spider god saw something similar in himÎíÎõso he merely needs to find someone who is even more rapacious and cunning. And Recluse now knows the kind of people who are rapacious can cunning: supervillains. The trick is to get the supervillains into the spider-god's temple and let one of them be the avatar for Aca Tenul. But he can't let them think. So he's going to chase them there. And he has chosen two different vehicles for this. First, greed: He concocts a story that the spider god's temple has lots and lots of gold, and he spreads the word carefully. (He didn't get the gold because he was too horrified at what happened to him.) Second, superheroes. He starts tipping off the players about where they'll be. He thinks Rex Mundi or Speed Demon or maybe the Troll will be suitable avatars. And to make himself less suitable, he's going to do things like listen to opera and donate secretly to charity. Let them figure out what to do about the Oromec. Four supervillains, an unknown number of heroes, and vengeful natives? It should be an interesting time.

      • Recluse hears rumours of someone like him but who can apparently transform and lead a normal life by using a talisman. He goes on a quest to find this person and this talisman, heedless of the damage he causes. Is the Arachne Spindle for real?

      • In a dream, Aca Tzenul tells him that all he needs to be cured is a blood sacrifice, of someone who already has two faces. Recluse isn't stupid; he picks someone with a secret identity or a performer. The attack will be well-planned and might involve the kind of traps that Steven Porter once tried to avoid. Can the rest of the heroes stop him before he commits the sacrifice on the night of the new moon?

      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)
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