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RE: [icons-rpg] Icons Bingo

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  • Soylent Green
    Hehe, Iconoblasts. Even when running games in well established settings like Marvel or Star Wars I ve never been one to worry about accuracy and sticking to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2013
      Hehe, Iconoblasts.

      Even when running games in well established settings like Marvel or Star Wars I've never been one to worry about accuracy and sticking to the canon. I'm curious to see how Stark City turns out, but frankly Icon's loose background suits me fine. 

      The thing is over the past years I've been buying up Icons resources while running my own Icons material (or in the case of Necessary Evil, Savage Worlds material loosely converted to Icons).  And all the while I still had an assortment Dan's Icons illustrations as my screensaver which my players got quite familiar with. 

      So I guess it felt like the high time to start putting all these resources and characters to use. And while my focus remains making each session as entertaining for my players as I can, the Icons-bingo bit has turned into a bit of a game within the game for me.

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      Very nice!

      But I gather that ICONS was always intended to be a kind of salmagundi of ingredients; that's one of the reasons why there is no formal background. So you want Diamond to be working for Octofather? Sure. You want Wizard to be the Earth's Wizard Wondrous or Master Mage or Ablest Archimage? Great...but it could also be your three PCs who each have one quarter of the power of the previous Archimage...and the fourth quarter is their arch-foe, who believes that he should be the possessor of the title. (Or the previous Archimage was actually King Lear, which leads to many many problems.)

      I kind of miss a pre-built world, because it would be nice for when I'm tired or non-creative; otherwise, mixing and matching is my default behaviour. 

      Hmmm. "ICONS Bingo" has a nice ring to it but doesn't really convey the nature of the game. "ICONS Stew," maybe? Or we're all iconoblasts...

      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

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      I ran session four of my Icons-verse campaign yesterday which we could also call "Icons Bingo" given the shameless way I'm dragging in Icons characters from Villainomicon and other Icons books. But given that were almost certainly going to start hitting scheduling issues come July, I figure I best make hay while I can.

      It session was loosely based on Gangbusters with a few cosmetic tweaks. Spoilers below.

      The bank robbery was turned into a drug bust operation run jointly be the LAPD and DEA gone south after the gangers turned out to have the super-human weapons. 

      The elemental weapons were replaced with psionic weapons to tie it in with Through the Looking Glass and the wider Octofather plot.

      As metioned in a previous post, I replaced Kamitus Khan with Paper Tiger and introduced Ghost Fox as his right hand woman.

      Also I presented the Bunsen Burners as biker gang, again setting the ground work for Through the Looking Glass.

      Finally I moved the warehouse scene to a Chinese restaurant.

      I think this was the best session yet in what has been an excellent campaign so far. It goes to show that sometimes the simpler scenarios like Gangbusters play better than they read.

      Also Paper Tiger was just awesome. The expression on the players face when he first pulled off the origami trick on them was priceless. And he worked really well paired up with Ghost Fox. As with Harlequin and Colombina I am little sad to have to part with Paper Tiger and Ghost Fox so soon and that their role in the campaign turned out to be so short (they got defeated by the heroes) but a GM needs to know how to let go of his NPCs. 

      The ill timed intervention of the Atomic Roach also worked very well and just got the right kind of groan from the players.

      Icons Bingo score for the session was 11. This included personal appearances of:

      Paper Tiger
      Ghost Fox
      Atomic Roach

      And non-gratuitous mentions of:

      Lord Recluse
      Land Shark
      The Creeper

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