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What shall we do with the Octofather Part II?

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  • Soylent Green
    I did some thinking, trying to put some order around the loose ideas I was playing with last week. He s the gist of it. The Octofather is a mysterious figure.
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 2, 2013

      I did some thinking, trying to put some order around the loose ideas I was playing with last week. He's the gist of it.

      The Octofather is a mysterious figure. The police only have only heard rumours about his existence. His origin is unknown.


      Octofather works through his lieutenants. They will do the front line stuff while he stays hidden. After some consideration I narrowed the choice down of lieutenants to Paper Tiger, Baron Kriminel and, secretly, Diamond. I like the idea of Diamond posing as a hero while working for the Octofather. It feels devious.


      The psionic weapons the Octofather is arming gangs with are bio-tech. Octofather has got Nepenthe captive and using its spores as to charge these weapons. A by-product of this process is the toxic alien waste that Tarpit was disposing for him.


      The police and EPA who are still the dumping case match the mysterious alien waste with that found in another instance of illegal dumping, one which Spider-Fridge and Diamond were working on together a few months earlier.


      Spider-Fridge will tell if asked that on that case she nearly had a crack at the Octofather, but had to call off her pursuit to rescue Diamond. She will be able to give a basic description and mention his mental powers.


      Spider-Fridge will also hint she thinks the Octofather has his tentacles into Paragon industries but could never prove it (thus foreshadowing Through the Looking Glass).


      I can then run Gangbusters pretty much as written just replacing the elemental weapons with psionic ones and Kamitsu Khan with Paper Tiger who works better as a deal broker and has a much cooler powers (animated origami, that is awesome).


      I’m also bringing in Ghost Fox from Hero Pack 4 but using her as a villain working for Paper Tiger. I apologise to the author but I have enough heroes, it’s villains I need and her Phasing and Chameleon will come handy.


      At some point in the Gangbusters adventure Atomic Roach will explain that he’d been trailing the Bunsen Burners. He will also reveal he followed them as they escorted on their bikes a small convoy of vans to Lafferton but could not get close enough to find what they were transporting or for whom (again providing a link to Through he Looking Glass).


      That ties things up neatly for me. I don’t expect anything to go as I planned it, I’d be disappointed if it did, but at least now I have a better idea of what the different players are up which acts as a framework I can improvise on. Also this really brings a lot of the Icons-verse into play which is sort of the unofficial goal of this campaign.   

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      Subject: [icons-rpg] What shall we do with the Octofather?


      So here I am, planning the next stages of my Icons-verse campaign. What I know is that two canonical characters my players are keenest to see are the Octofather and Spider-Fridge. I find my self thinking what would bring a mob boss to the attention of a Avengers/Fantastic Four class team?  

      The Octofather is in fact an alien, an N'Cephalos to be exact. What if he is arming his crew with alien tech? And as the Octofather's powers are mostly mental what if his alien tech were also psionic in nature? Seems to me that would be enough to make him a more than the police can handle style of threat.

      The psionic tech also offers a couple of interesting  angles to pursue. The adventure Gangbusters is about mobsters getting super-weapons, maybe that can  be adapted for this storyline. Likewise the adventure Through the Looking Glass relies on unspecified alien psionic tech, that too could be linked in.

      Digging deeper one does wonder how does the whole smuggling in N'Cephalos technology work? What sort of goods, resources or services could the Octofather be getting on Earth that he can trade for with his alien contacts for the weapons? I haven't really figured this out yet but I'm thinking it would be really cool if I could link this in with the toxic waste from my previous adventure (in which Tarpit's former self was involved in illegally dumping toxic wastes at a mine he worked at for the mob).

      Which leads me to the rather crazy idea: what if the Octofather isn't just illegally dumping toxic waste, he his illegally dumping alien toxic waste from his home world? Now that sounds fun to me and certainly something that merits superhero attention, especially if this was has the potential of creating creatures like Tarpit. Unfortunately It also doesn't make a whole lot of sense - if you are going to ship your waste off world, why bother hiding it on of the few inhabited worlds? Unless of course you aren't shipping it. Perhaps the Octofather has built some sort of portal, like a Stargate, between Earth and his home world. 

      And what about Spider-Fridge? Maybe she can appear in the teaser. Picture Spider-Fridge and one of the characters on a rooftop and night. Perhaps she is one of the few heroes that has actually crossed swords with the mysterious Octofather and maybe the meeting has been arranged to exchange the little intelligence that each have gathered on him. I think this has the advantage of allowing for a Spider-Fridge cameo without trying to play her in a action scene which I think could be challenging.

      As a final twist, if I am going to bring back the toxic wastes dumped in the mine I should also bring Tarpit back. With a good lawyer a temporary insanity can probably get him off the hostage defenestration charges - he'd clearly just suffered a major trauma. The illegal dumping of toxic waste is harder to explain but maybe someone else could be framed for it, possibly the very same manager Tarpit wanted to kill. If large amounts of money for instance turned up in Tarpit's manager's bank account  they could spin the story as if it were the manager  who was corrupt and Tarpit (in his civilian persona) who was trying to expose him. Not only does this put Tarpit back into play, it would also serve illustrates the manipulative natures of the Octofather's power.

      Anyway,  it's still all a work in progress as you can see.  I'm sharing this just the joy of it, but if you do want to chip in with suggestions you are most welcome.

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