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RE: [icons-rpg] Sins of the Past - a question

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  • Soylent Green
    Hehe, I think technically only John get s the No Prize as to qualify you need to not just spot the goof but also correct it. I do like John s solution. I ve
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 1, 2013
      Hehe, I think technically only John get's the No Prize as to qualify you need to not just spot the goof but also correct it.

      I do like John's solution. I've been thinking that maybe making the Elixir requires not just mixing chemicals but rather it has to go through so custom, high-tech gizmo which is one of the things that get's trashed during the fire at the lab. That would make the elixir in the canister the only supply left.

      The player character make further inquiries into rebuilding the gizmo, one could assume that Gremlin would have managed to steal the blue prints (deleting any backups). I would not stop a character with high enough scientific skills to rebuild the gizmo anyway if they had their heart set on it. On paper it makes for a less poignant story but what is fun around the table isn't always the best story.

      Then again I might just swipe John's fix. 

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      Both of you guys deserve a "No Prize."

      Honestly, this never came up in my playtests or my plotting.  It's a hole I should've plugged.

      Given how red my face is, I'm just going to sit back and see what else folks come up with.

      Slightly Embarrassed, But Smiling About It.

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      What I did: In play, they just said, "Oh, those whacky Golden Agers and their mistrust of backups."

      But what I threw into a later session (and I was able to do this, because one of the PCs was a Golden Age sidekick grown into an older hero) was that she had in fact willed the rest of the Golden Agers the contents of a particular safety deposit box. However, she was eating at the mansion with her executor when the break-in happened, and he had a heart attack as a result of the drama. (He is the one who called the emergency number, though.) 

      If he'd been hale and healthy, he would have fulfilled his duties and the Golden Agents would have gotten the formula...but he wasn't, and while he was in intensive care, the will didn't get processed properly: they appointed an interim executor who put the safe deposit box way down on his list of priorities (funeral arrangements and stock disposition were higher)..

      Throwing in that the executor has had a heart attack and is in ICU (either because of the attack or for other reasons: some of her friends have to be in heart attack territory) gives you a plausible reason for the delay.

      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

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      Subject: [icons-rpg] Sins of the Past - a question

      Spoilers below, don't read if you think you may want to play this adventure at some stage.

      So I may be over-thinking this but here's the thing. Why wouldn't Madame Curious give the formula of the Elixir Vitae to the rest of the team, you know just in case something happened to her? The suggestion from the scenario is that while the cosmic radiation that gave the Golden Agents virtually eternal youth, the chemical reagent is relatively ordinary. Discovering it might have required her chemical genius but, given the formula,  just reproducing it you would think should be something anyone with a half decent knowledge of chemistry should be able to do.

      This caught me out last time I ran this adventure. I sort of muddled through suggesting that Madame Curious had made arrangements for the Golden Agents to get formula but it was hidden at the Golden Age museum now under Gremlins control. It doesn't make any more sense but it just about got me through :-)

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