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A Character Idea

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  • Colin T
    The Mannequin I (1941-1964) Name: Charles Thad Thaddeus Hatcher Origin: Birthright Abilities: Prowess 5, Coordination 3, Strength 6, Intellect 5, Awareness
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      The Mannequin I (1941-1964)
      Name: Charles "Thad" Thaddeus Hatcher
      Origin: Birthright

      Prowess 5, Coordination 3, Strength 6, Intellect 5, Awareness 2, Willpower 6

      Secondary Abilities:
      Determination: 2
      Stamina (Str +Will): 12

      Chameleon +8: Has the ability to cloak himself and everything he's wearing or carrying ala Predator-style

      Immunity to Afflictions: Unaffected by affliction powers.

      Invulnerability +4: Pretty much bullet resistant still doesn't care to be shot, blown up, etc…

      Phasing +4: Can walk through most physical obstructions but has a problem with energy fields.

      Investigation, Leadership both at +1

      Age: Is almost 98 years old and often uses a wheelchair to get around, he can walk but just doesn't have the stamina he used to have. Will often remember his age after a situation when he's forced to demonstrate his past life skills and usually has one of the sidekicks help him around whilst he gets his breath back.

      Connections: Leader of a super villain team who have mostly retired and been succeeded by their children and prodigies for the most part but keep in contact because these are their families and want to keep up to date on what their former nemesis's and their successors are up to. The relationship is far from good and often leads to arguments when they get to talk as one feels they can't move out of the shadow of their mentor's legacy and the other has trouble relating to their younger progeny.

      Social: Retired geriatric former super villain turned neighbourhood watch hero.

      Once the leader of the League of Infamy back when being superhuman was quite new (1940's) the subsequent decades became quite unsettling as the next generation began losing the respect he expected from his successors.
      Matters came to a head when the daughter of the legendary Deathbringer was hospitalised in a bomb blast set up by a covert agency looking to secure superhuman materials for the development of their own operatives.
      Deathbringer had established his own community where his fellow super villains, their families and minions could live as normal a life as possible without suffering from the usual prejudice shown to their loved ones by the world at large.
      Thad had by this time established his own neighbourhood watch to cope with the lack of respect the current generation showed their predecessors and the subsequent attempts by the authorities to deliberately extort, blackmail or even kidnap them for their purposes was a step too far as far as he and his fellow villains were concerned.
      Now they're slowly recruiting for a new team of superheroes composed of mostly super villains looking to protect their loved ones from a far greater menace… the fact these foes are mostly superheroes doesn't excuse them from preying on their families!
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