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Re: [icons-rpg] Re: Gimmick heroes--what do you like? What have you done?

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  • John McMullen
    Great minds think alike! (And sometimes I come along with them!)   So I thought I would try it, as well:   For a trained origin:  Danse Macabre (Daniel
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 31, 2012
      Great minds think alike! (And sometimes I come along with them!)
      So I thought I would try it, as well:
      For a trained origin:
      Danse Macabre (Daniel Micawber) is a Temporal Prevention agent sent back from a possible future. His job is to prevent certain awful things from happening but ensure that other things do happen. He knows that there is an Opposite Number. He has no powers--he's from a time when superpowers were outlawed--but he's been highly trained for his position. Trained allows for an extra 3 specialties, giving him 6 slots in total. I'd keep the precognition power (a powerful remembering device and "psychohistory" device that can forecast what various changes will do; as a byproduct, it's a great home computer and media center, and it looks like his cell phone, though he can remove the actual thinking part from the cell phone casing). He also has the "portable door" which allows him access to some areas he's not supposed to go (Phasing 2).
      For specialties, I'd go with History: Our Current Events, Stealth, Area (Our Time), Weapons(Guns), Weapons(Thrown), Medical, Military.
      For Aspects:
      Qualities Highly and  broadly trained agent; Access to future techniques; Knows some secrets about future
      Challenges The more you act on precog, the worse it gets; Not told everything; Strange gaps in his education
      For a Transformed origin:
      A Transformed origin provides +2 to any power or attribute, so up Phasing by 2 to Phasing 4. Immunity is to Time-based powers (so she doesn't show up in other people's precog or postcog, too)
      Spirit Walk
      January Branson wasn't always going to be a farm girl: she had plans to get out of this North Dakota town and get to the big city...maybe Lincoln. Or Pittsburgh. Not that she didn't think she could make it in New York or LA, but who needed the housing prices there? She was going to finish high school, and go to medical school--
      And then the alien arrived: with an explosion and a crater in the middle of town, near the high school. Kids from the 4-H club scattered, started rescue efforts. January worked her way around to the far side of the crater, calling to find people to help, looking for the unconscious.
      "Help meeee...." When January turned around, there was a golden-skinned man with yellow eyes and painted on hair. He was hurt--but he looked mostly human, so January went to look at him. She tried to call for the paramedics, but he stopped her. "No time. They're...after..." And he fell unconscious.
      Then the others attacked. Part of the Foreigner merged with her; alien rays hit her; and she fell into the earth. She can be ten minutes in the future, she can make herself unstable, and time-based attacks don't affect her (the alien rays work by phasing time in your body).
      Specialties: Medicine, Animals (she's helped on the farm her whole life), Martial Arts
      Aspects: Qualities Out to do good; Farm girl; It's just a little ole fill-in-the-blank; Can live ten mnutes in the future
      Challenges: Hunted by Foreigners; Not quite out of High School; Doesn't know anybody useful

      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

      From: Seamus <sotp_seamus@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:45 PM
      Subject: [icons-rpg] Re: Gimmick heroes--what do you like? What have you done?

      You could also take the angle from the online game that didn't quite get off the ground. The Gimmick's gear could be a device from the future that has a historical archive that allows Precognition. You could even put some kind of limit on it that it doesn't work after a certain date (if you travel forward in time to the objects 'present' or afterward).

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "Colin T" <colinfit20@...> wrote:
      > Hmm could go gimmick to boost intelligence by 1 and have him clad in a 1930's style suit with a trenchcoat and a fedora with his "powers" granted by a pocket watch he carries that allows him to peek into the near future and grants him resistance to mental powers (Immunity/specifically telepathy or mind control as his foresight makes it difficult for such powers to work on him) and the side effect that it leaves him somewhat out of tune with the present time (Phasing), might be worth throwing in a few aspects where he's actually from the 1930's and stuck in the modern age (Timelost) and whilst not racially backward he has old fashioned mannerisms (Chivalrous and Gallant towards the ladies).
      > Naming him maybe call him Mr Thirty or Nicholas Timeshadow something maybe old fashioned but not corny.
      > For skills go Criminology, Martial Arts and History possibly instead a skill in maintaining pocket watches and other time pieces, hmm perhaps another aspect with a somewhat obsession with time pieces to highlight his need to be "on time" because of his precognitive abilities perhaps?
      > Here, if you're interested: a character created using the Inkwell random superhero creator, origin stripped out:

      > Prowess: 4
      > Coordination: 5
      > Strength: 5
      > Intellect: 3
      > Awareness: 5
      > Wisdom: 5

      > 3 Specialties

      > Powers:
      > Precognition: 7
      > Immunity (2 slots): 2
      > Phasing: 2

      > You can still apply the swap two attributes, you get to apply the changes required for the origin, and I don't care if someone duplicates origins. How would you finish the character with the origin you choose?

      > John


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    • Michael Mendoza
      Versatility of powers is what makes a Gimmick hero especially appealing to me. Gadgeteers are fun because they can whip up impromptu devices to address the
      Message 2 of 13 , Nov 2, 2012
        Versatility of powers is what makes a Gimmick hero especially appealing to me.

        Gadgeteers are fun because they can whip up impromptu devices to address the crisis du jour (pending GM approval and the expenditure of Determination for a power stunt, of course).

        Also, you could adopt a "Ultra-tech Entrepreneur" quality and play through subplots in which you parlay your know-how into building a  business. Enjoy the comforts, access to the influential, and other perks of being part of the 1%, but watch out for corporate takeover attempts and intellectual property theft!

        If your character acquired a gimmick rather than build it, you can play up your character's efforts to fully understand and unlock the gimmick's full capabilities. Think of the super suit in the old "Greatest American Hero" TV show, in which the main character fumbled about learning how to build his suit because he lost the manual. Spend a Determination point, and your character figures out how to unlock a hitherto-unknown power of the gimmick.

        This background can also allow you to contribute to the game world by exploring exactly who/what it was that built your character's gimmick.

        On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 10:49 AM, John McMullen <jhmcmullen@...> wrote:

        Perhaps as a result of my childhood reading habits (mostly DC Mort Weisinger or Julie Schwartz characters), I have a tendency to dismiss Gimmick characters. My brain automatically falls into the well-worn rut of "Oh, he made or stole the SuperHyperPlasmaGravityCannon(tm) from the inventor" or "She found the Amulet of Ynialliv" which leads to "Whoop-de-doo."
        And yet, Iron Man is a Gimmick hero. Green Lantern is a Gimmick hero. Batman is arguably a Gimmick hero (though probably he fits better in the Trained origin). The current Blue Beetle is definitely a Gimmick hero (probably more so than a Transformed one, anyway). Doctors Strange and Fate are arguably Gimmick heroes (sure, each knows some magic on his own, but where would they be without the Eye of Agamotto or the Helm of Nabu).  I'd count Doc Ock as Transformed rather than a Gimmick, because the tentacles can't be easily removed.
        So I think my prejudice against Gimmick heroes is unfounded. Still, having said all of that, the origin does not excite creative juices in me.
        I'm hoping more examples and ideas will help correct this tragic flaw in my character.
        I can think of:
        - Your basic Captain Cold with his cold gun
        - Eclipso has the enchanted gem (though maybe this one's better represented as a Transformed hero; it just happens to a number of people)
        - Armor, either Iron Man, Steel, Blue Beetle...I can't think of a mystic/magical example, but I'm sure it exists.
        - The magical ring or amulet that grants great powers, but the powers are gone if the item is gone
        - Arguably the Magic Word is a kind of Gimmick, so Johnny Thunder would be a Gimmick hero
        - Your alien or magical symbiont, so Venom or Carnage
        What are some interesting (even if the type is already mentioned) aspects of the character?
        (Publishers: a brief book outlining the strengths and weaknesses of each origin type would be appropriate. Just sayin'.)

        John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

        Michael Mendoza
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