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Re: [icons-rpg] Re: An ICONS zine?

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  • John McMullen
    Okay, let s try that again without accidentally hitting Send in the middle of a word. (Hazard of trying to send mail on your cellphone.)   I ve been
    Message 1 of 32 , Oct 5, 2012
      Okay, let's try that again without accidentally hitting "Send" in the middle of a word. (Hazard of trying to send mail on your cellphone.)
      I've been thinking about this, and generally I agree with the focus change. Super hero RPGs are still a niche of a niche, so I don't think you can count on advertising to make up part of the revenue. But if you're covering multiple systems, then you're probably not getting revenue from one company and you're probably not reliably getting revenue. The whole darn thing is essentially a labour of love and possibly a forum for those who hope to be seen by folks in the industry. ("Look, his ideas are good and he can write to a deadline. And he'll be cheap because he's new!") Still, I'll continue with thinking...
      What would have about 80% of what Paul was talking about would be a blog with a crew of rotating columnists. So there are, say, five columnists and an editor/publisher (possibly one of the columnists). I'm not picking on anyone, just using names for examples: Monday is me, Tuesday is Joe, Wednesday is Fabricio, Thursday is Walt Robillard, Friday is Chris Heard. (Again, just examples: Joe and Fabricio are already busy, Walt I suspect is very busy now that they've taken over Supers!) That way, the columnists only have to come up with one idea a week. Nothing says it can't be a quick adventure or adventure seed, or some sketch; maybe Walt concentrates on Supers! material while Chris is happy writing about BASH and I skip all over the place.
      If there is anything on weekends, it's a special thing: an interview or a guest post or something that someone doesn't want in their weekly column. Three or four times a year, it's a full adventure, possibly built on an adventure seed someone already posted. (Probably the adventure is in PDF, formatted for both letter and A4, so readers can print it out with maps and standees and whatever: these can either be slick or an example of creating a map with next to no budget. It's possible that one of the existing map companies would allow use in return for a credit; I haven't checked that, though.) The adventures are statted for two systems at least.
      The editor/publisher would be responsible for pulling it together.
      And, of course, having said all of that, I don't have time to be the editor/publisher, so it's just thinking out loud.
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      I've been thinking about this, and generally I agree with the focus change. Super hero RPGs are still a niche of a niche, so I don't think you can count on adverti

      On 2012-10-05, at 7:42 AM, "paul_jenkinson" <arthurpness@...> wrote:

      > I'd like to see a more generic 'zine that deals with not just Icons, but all of the 'smaller' superhero games out there, and the less supported ones, even the out of print ones. Icons, Supers, BASH, Villains and Vigilantes, the old DC Heroes MEGs game, Golden Heroes/Squadron UK etc. For sure the more modern games will get the most interest, but it might spark interest in some of the lesser known games. They aren't rubbish, or broken, just not in print any more.
      > An adventure with stats for Icons, BASH! and one or two others, reviews of various supers games and modules/supplements (whether out of print or not) adventure hooks and comic book runs that would be great to get ideas from... Heck even 'print your own' maps and counters for running games with.
      > Since Dragon was pulled from shelves (and long before that, since White Dwarf stopped writing about games and became a minatures catalogue) there's been nothing I can think of with regards an industry wide magazine which is a shame. We're all still here, and the industry might not support a print magazine any more, but self publishing is fairly easy to do these days. Of course a quality job is not so easy, but part of the charm of the old 'zines was their home grown feel.
      > I'm sure most of us post on lots of different game forums. Might be worth putting word out to submit ideas, articles and reviews for a generic supers zine? I think BASH has one (free) on RPGnow, but truth told I've not read it so can't comment on the quality. I'm not sure Icons has the fanbase to make such an endeavor worthwhile (because there's just so many Supers games out there right now - we are literally spoilt for choice, never had it so good etc!) but a generic supers 'zine might be of interest to more people.
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    • Fabrício César Franco
      I won t be able to participate. I m teaching six days a week and Sunday s the only day off I ve got (and loads of things to do at home). Sorry! Fabrício I
      Message 32 of 32 , Oct 5, 2012
        I won't be able to participate. I'm teaching six days a week and Sunday's the only day off I've got (and loads of things to do at home). Sorry!

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