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RE: [icons-rpg] Sharing house rules

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  • Soylent Green
    Hi, The Invincibility effect is there by design, a way to force players to think out of the box. But I agree even so it can be a bit disheartening when you
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      The "Invincibility effect" is there by design, a way to force players to think out of the box. But I agree even so it can be a bit disheartening when you realise that you can't actually harm your opponent, or worse that no matter what they can't harm you and you notice players sink into that no point even rolling the dice sort of state of mind.

      I've gone for the increase damage rather than nerf invulnerability route. In past games I've ruled that on a Massive success the effective value of armour or forcefields is halved. That said I'm now leaning towards Mr Post's Variable Damage rule according to which you get +1 damage on a Major and +2 on a Massive. I've not tried it out yet but it sounds very promising to me.


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      Just wanted to see how others utilize a great little game. I currently use this system with my son who loves super heros and is getting into RPGs. Another generation of gamers is born :)

      Below are the house rules I implimented for smoother play. Not for everyones taste but I feel it addressed the "Invincibility" effect that I originally encountered.

      Power: Duplication

      Can only be activated once per Chapter.
      Duplicates have one Stamina and cannot benefit from fortitude points (see Invulnerability below).

      Power: Force Field *

      Acts as Invulnerability (see below) but can be shut down when stunned and is always down when unconscious or sleeping.

      To avoid a shut down when stunned, test Willpower against the attacks damage value. Success means the Force Field stays active at full effect while failure results in the Force Field being shut down.

      When reactivated the Force Field returns to full strength but any lost fortitude points (see Invulnerability below) are still lost until the start of a new chapter.

      Power: Immortality

      As per the core rules with the exception that the level is the number of resurections possible for the character. Once used, the level is gone permenantly.

      Power: Invulnerability *

      Half the level (rounded down) is applied to all incoming physical damage as armour.

      The full level provides a number of fortitude points which are lost before your Stamina when taking physical damage. Loss of these points does not affect the Invulnerability level itself. These fortitude points refresh at the start of each new chapter.

      A point of Determination may be spent to ignore all physical damage from a source for one pannel (effectivly reducing the damage value to -1).

      * A character cannot have both the Force Field and Invulnerability powers. Treat them as the same power durring random hero creation with the first one rolled as the power possessed and the second one rolled as the duplicate. See "Hero Creation, Phase 3: Powers" for further explanation.

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