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Re: Idea of the day: The Golden Age

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  • jaerdaph
    I love this idea! We see a lot of the other end of the spectrum - teen heroes and teen teams and high schools for supers - but we don t often get to see supers
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      I love this idea! We see a lot of the other end of the spectrum - teen heroes and teen teams and high schools for supers - but we don't often get to see supers in their twilight years. Well done!


      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, John McMullen <jhmcmullen@...> wrote:
      > Look, being a super doesn't necessarily pay, and some of these people won't even get a handshake from the mayor when they can't fight crime anymore. But some in the community take care of their own. The Golden Age is one, a retirement home for supers. There are limited spaces: 4000 spaces. They have a dozen or two heroes who take turns in case of problems (for instance, villains or children of villains attack).
      > Some of the heroes there have medical conditions such as dementia, some are immortal but not unaging, some are just old humans who used to fight the good fight.
      > The security chief was the Cloak of Shadows, who is now in his 50s. (No powers.) He and his wife live on site.
      > Social activities are overseen by Dr. Prama, who is aware of research in gerontology, and that in the transition to retirement and to (perceived) uselessness. The members need strong social relationships and something to live for. Dr. Prama is in her mid-forties and herself divorced. She is aware of the need for a purpose, and she herself is involved in a camera group and a square-dancing group. (She runs the equivalents for the Golden Age).
      > Medical work is overseen by Dr. Gottehelt, who is an expert in gerontology in superhumans.
      > Funds are wheedled and managed by Chris Dorton, who has a master's degree in business, a bachelor's in economics, and relatives who have superpowers.
      > The Golden Age has regular visits from youngsters with powers--Dr. Prama makes sure there's an active mentoring program--and there is a lot of stuff for them to do. Pool, gym, excellent medical facilities. (Some funding from local school of gerontology and geriatrics.) There is a lot of soap opera here.
      > Location or names can change of course depending on your needs and location. In Canada, I'd nestle this on an island in British Columbia. In the US, it might be in Arizona or Florida.
      > The existence of the retirement home is word-of-mouth: there are supers who don't know about it, and some of the people who work there are under non-disclosure agreements (for instance, the garbage workers have never had to sign NDAs before). The location isn't secret, but it's not well-known: call it difficult to find.
      > Ways to get your heroes involved:
      > Or set a campaign in The Golden Age (what a great thing to do with random ICONS characters who have abilities that are 1 or 2: they're old). You can play residents or staff; you can even decide to play a bunch of normals who have to take care of these seniors.
      > Adventures.
      > * Visiting because you have a friend, a friend's parent, a mentor there
      > * It's guard duty time and you volunteered
      > * Some NPC there has info you need
      > * You need one of the doctors.
      > The type of adventures depends partly on whether you're visiting or whether the campaign is set there. Still, the following ideas immediately present themselves:
      > residents have their old superstuff kicking around ("Hey! Who moved Mjolnir?") and someone might want it. Or somebody already took it.
      > * Items of unusual power or force are supposed to be kept in lock-up, but the Sapphire Sentry kept her Celestial Sapphire hidden in her jewelry box. Now it's gone. And someone using very similar powers is committing crimes over in Vancouver. Sapphire Sentry gets together a posse for a little field trip... and the heroes get caught in the middle. (An excellent introduction to the concept of the supers retirement home for your characters.) * Maintaining secrecy (we don't want everyone to know about it).
      > * Old villain attack/reconcile.
      > * Resident jealous someone else got rejuvenated, so they set plans in motion...and you have to remember that some of these seniors were major-league schemers back in the day.
      > * Someone gets powers back (but doesn't get rejuvenated).
      > * Town attacked by an old villain of the chief of security.
      > * The residents are now the hostages because they are now some else's love interests
      > * Various items get enchanted because some of the residents can't control their magic particularly well: so Golden Age actually has an enchanted wood-carving set that brings the carvings to life; an enchanted deck of cards that brings good luck to the dealer
      > * Doctor Prama gets mind-controlled.
      > * Visiting gerontologists are actually villains.
      > * A lot of the
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