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  • John McMullen
    Please do, Hollis. I ve thought about it, but whenever I think about it, it becomes a story with Andy as the reasonable man and supers as the interlopers; I
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      Please do, Hollis. I've thought about it, but whenever I think about it, it becomes a story with Andy as the reasonable man and supers as the interlopers; I can't quite make it come out as an adventure setting or a campaign setting.
      (Yes, I've thought about the sherrif being a retired super.)
      For me, the structure of the show, which was whacky characters around a straight man who settles things, really calls for the sherrif to be a normal or a retired trained super, who has moved to Mayberry or whatever small town you want to use. It's not a traditional supers story at all, though you could do something structured like Eureka, I guess.
      Something that might work as an adventure:
      The villains of the piece--maybe a higher-powered version of the Clique, from Mastermind Affair, or the Sons of the Past (was that what they were called?) from Sins of the Past, decide to hide in town. (Actually, for the first encounter, it'd be kind of nice to have Aunt Bee giving Opie a botany lesson: "This is poison ivy, so don't you ever touch it. This is wild burdock. The stems are good in salads, and you can brew a medicinal tea from it. And this is...I don't recall ever seeing this plant hereabouts." And then Bramble roars, and the encounter is on.)
      Knowing that he's no match for them, he calls the PCs, one of whom is his cousin--"Oh, yeah, Ida moved to the big city, out of state, but she still sends me letters once in a while, and she was all torn up over you being mutant and such. Anyway, I hate to bother the big city police with it, they'll just come in with heavy weapons and we just got the main street repaved, I don't want to put those on it, there's no budget to do it again. Now, you come in quiet-like, get the gang, because talking hasn't worked, and I don't think Barney's bullet is gonna work neither. I think I can arrange to get some of those power-suppressors. I know a fella, went to school with him. Anyway, we're having a box-lunch social in the town square on Saturday, and I'd like for them to be gone by then."
      So the PCs have the task of finding the crooks (not particularly onerous, they're out by Ernest T. Bass' place, and Andy will give them directions), and capturing them without causing property damage. (Which will be difficult, because they're not at their hideout: out of boredom, the criminals have decided to crash the box-lunch social.)
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      On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Seamus <sotp_seamus@...> wrote:
      Sounds a bit like Eureka, only cooler.

      Not surprising. I'm a fan of Eureka, but I've kinda lost interest lately.

      I'll see if I can dredge my old ideas out of the back of my mind and write it up as a setting. 

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