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RE: [icons-rpg] movement powers

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  • Soylent Green
    I think there are some benchmarks on the Icons wiki for things like that ( http://icons-truth-justice-and-gaming.wikispaces.com/Rules ). Personally that s not
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 10, 2012
      I think there are some benchmarks on the Icons wiki for things like that ( http://icons-truth-justice-and-gaming.wikispaces.com/Rules  ).

      Personally that's not the way I do it. For me Icons works best when you think about things with comic book logic which tends to make exact distances and measurements kind of fuzzy. In comic book logic it's important to know that the Hulk is stronger than the Thing, but not tons each can lift. The former is a constant truth, the later will vary between issue and issue.

      Extending this to Icons the principle I use is this: anything ability under 7 is roughly comparable to what can be found in nature or with everyday machinery. Any ability 7 or greater is pure comicbook fantasy and ranges from highly specialised machines to the clearly impossible.

      So if you look as superspeed, I'd allow someone with Superspeed < 7 to try any sort of speed feat I can imagine someone on a fast motorcycle or 
      strike as fast a cobra or a praying mantis.  With superspeed 7 or more I'd allow them to try anything for supersonic to lightspeed - it's  funny but in comic book terms there isn't much difference between the speed of sound or the speed of light.

      Note I say "try". Because if any of these things actually matter, the player is going to have to roll some dice. And that is where the actually value of your ability matters. So even though you may allow both the character with superspeed 7 and the one with superspeed 10 to run across the continent in the blink of an eye to pick the antidote, return and save the girl, the guy with superspeed 10 has a much better chance of succeeding.

      I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's how I do it.

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      Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 11:03:42 +0200
      Subject: [icons-rpg] movement powers


      I have a question

      several movement powers describes that with a X value you can move at
      sight and a Y value can move anywhere in the word.

      Example : Super-Speed 5 at sight, Super-Speed 10 anywhere in the world
      but what can a player do, with Super-Speed 2 or 3 for instance ?


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