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Re: [icons-rpg] Re: Doctor Sin and how convert MnM to Icons ?

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  • Fabrício César Franco
    I am anguished at the lack of more posts about Icons. I am under the constant impression that, unlike other groups of Superhero RPGs players, we exchanged
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 17, 2012
      I am anguished at the lack of more posts about Icons. I am under the constant impression that, unlike other groups of  Superhero RPGs  players, we exchanged little information or speak even less about custom builds (or modeling Icons forcomic book heroes). Anything under the label "Icons" I'm following it very attentively to sate my thirst.

      Fabrício Franco

      2012/4/18 jaerdaph <jjbardales@...>

      I do! Glad I'm not alone in wanting to keep the Internet neat and tidy. :)

      Although I do loathe tag clouds. Too chaotic, disorganized and incomplete. :)


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      > You do that too? I thought I was alone and slightly manic for it.
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      > Subject: [icons-rpg] Re: Doctor Sin and how convert MnM to Icons ?
      > As your favorite resident anal retentive with OCD tendencies ICONS fanboy, I have actively been scouring the ICONS-related threads at RPGNet over the last year or so making sure they all have the "icons" tag, especially ones marked with other lesser used tags like "icons-rpg" or "icons rpg".
      > So this link should bring up all the ICONS threads at RPGNet:
      > http://forum.rpg.net/tags.php?tag=icons

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