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Villain team: The Teratotheres--tactics and discussion

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  • John McMullen
    AS A GROUP   They usually live together: Valentina often escorts Timothy to be with his girlfriend to make sure that she loves him during the visits. (GM s
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      AS A GROUP
      They usually live together: Valentina often escorts Timothy to be with his girlfriend to make sure that she loves him during the visits. (GM's call whether she loves him at other times.) There is a certain amount of jealousy that Valentina is the only one of them who can go in public without arousing comment.  As a result, she often ends up being the public face of duties such as accepting
      Both Graugeist and Medusa must work through intermediaries, Graugeist having someone else perform the actual medical tasks and Medusa asking someone else to handle physics except in their home base.
      In general, one of them creates a diversion while the others work on the job. The type of diversion depends upon the person creating it and the circumstances. Cupid favours fistfights between two people who both love the same person; Alpha Male tends to attack someone, to draw in the supers; the Creature generally has a gadget that will do the job: a mysterious box in a public place is usually a reason to call the bomb squad, and that keeps everyone busy.
      While the diversion is happening, they can get on with the real job. Graugeist usually handles reconnaissance and lookout; Alpha Male handles combat or intimidation duties, if they're required.  The Creature usually handles penetrating security—and all of this might be shuffled around so that each can deal with his or her specialty.
      They have done kidnappings, if asked. Usually, the one in the same field (if possible) opens a discussion (under an alias) through email. Through that, they get to know the target. So far, they have kidnapped only scientists or have received some technological benefit for their work (such as equipment for their hideout).

      They do have a code word for combat, and everyone gathers together if possible, though Valentina simply has to be near them. Alpha Male generally handles melee fighters, Medusa tries to slow down anyone who appears to be dextrous or fast, Graugeist reduces or removes powers, if possible, and the Creature plays the part of a big dumb fighter, but leaves devices around where they can cause trouble. He tries to be discreet about using them, but if necessary, he will build or use whatever they need.

      A second code word means "Look out for yourselves; break the others out later." Until your team meets them, no one has held them.


      The first meeting should be just combat: someone is stealing the tachyonic generator!

      Graugeist has just discovered that his girlfriend doesn't love him any more--he sneaked away from Valentina and visited her, and surprised someone else. He is on a tear, doing whatever damage he can, stunting Life Drain off his Power Neutralization, and doing terrible damage. They are trying to stop him, but the players get involved because there's a certain amount of property damage in trying to bring him down...

      Valentina has fallen in love, and it's with one of your PCs. The rest of the team is against this, and the PC may not want it either, especially if he or she is married.

      The Creature wants someone else for the team, so he's holding tryouts. The PCs keep running into the team committing crimes, but there's always an extra person.

      Alpha Male discovers that he isn't actually the leader, so he starts a fight with the Creature. By wolfpack laws, they shouldn't interfere, but they aren't a wolfpack. The damage is huge, and the PCs get involved.
      John McMullen (Young old coot)
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