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Villain team: The Teratothenes (Medusa)

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  • John McMullen
    MEDUSA (Gary Lockes, Ph.D.) Transformed (Point Total 45) Gary Lockes grew up in an affluent suburb of Chicago, the adopted child of parents, one of whom was
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      MEDUSA (Gary Lockes, Ph.D.)

      Transformed (Point Total 45)

      Gary Lockes grew up in an affluent suburb of Chicago, the adopted child of parents, one of whom was white, one of whom was mixed race but preferred to go as white. Gary was not white: in fact, from adolescence on he played up skin color, growing dreadlocks and acting pretty much like the stereotype of a gangsta. This was kind of funny, because Gary was slight, almost girlish-looking, and his passion was science: if he didn't act like a gangsta, he didn't feel he'd be accepted. (He hates it when people think he's a girl.)

      As a freshly-minted Ph.D., Gary Lockes found that jobs--secure jobs--were hard to come by, but the same determination that had lifted him to stellar work in physics brought him here. He joined the same research facility where Dr. Graust was, and began work on the physics behind various superhuman abilities.

      The superhuman that Dr. Lockes was studying broke out while he (or she, if necessary; just agree) was being was being examined with a new power analyzer and duplicator. The machine, mangled beyond recognition, exploded, and Dr. Lockes was caught on the edge of the explosion. It affected him in a couple of ways. First, he's covered with small, tough scales. They aren't immediately noticeable but an observer sees them after a few minutes. Second, his eyes: Gary can do one thing by looking at something--he turns carbon into silicon, and releases a lot of radiation in the process. In living things, the transmutation is limited to the transmission channels in the nerve sheaths; no one knows why. The effect is that Gary can paralyze whoever he looks at or whatever carbon-bearing substance he looks at. He has a pair of dark glasses to block it--but in order to block it, they're opaque.

      Gary's living quarters and research area are devoid of carbon: no rubber, no pencils, no diamonds. If he has to work with a person or a carbon-containing, he's effectively blind, so he works alone most of the time. His computer is specially built to avoid anything with carbon--which is, unfortunately, one of the more common elements.

      Given these limitations, it's not surprising that Gary was willing to go with The Creature. He gets special equipment to deal with his peculiar disability. He gets to continue his research while hoping for a cure of some kind. And he has become interested in Valentina, though he hasn't made a move: what would be the point? Love may be blind, but he's essentially blind when he's with her. For him, the work has to be everything. Fortunately, it nearly is.
      Prowess       3  Intellect  5
      Coordination  5  Awareness  5
      Strength      3  Willpower  5
      Stamina       8  Determination  1
      Science (Physics)
      Paralysis 4  -Bonus: Close Range
      Transmutation 5 (Carbon to silicon)
      Resistance 6 (Radiation)
      Invulnerability 3 (Scales)
      Mad physicist
      Pursue science at all costs!
      Glasses block always on paralysis/transmutation, but he can't see through them
      Hates when people react to a stereotype: he's black, with dreadlocks
      Transmutation limited, carbon to silicon, and causes intense radiation in source
      John McMullen (Young old coot)
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