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Villain team: the Teratothenes (Alpha Male)

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  • John McMullen
    ALPHA MALE AKA THE GREY (Robert Bob Curtis, PhD.) Transformed (Point Total  44) As a normal man, Bob Curtis is about as average as can be. He has his
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2012

      ALPHA MALE AKA THE GREY (Robert "Bob" Curtis, PhD.)

      Transformed (Point Total  44)

      As a normal man, Bob Curtis is about as average as can be. He has his doctorate, but never a professorship because he was no good at departmental politics: the best he ever got was "Assistant Professor" and no tenure. His wife saw that he was never going to advance; she had a series of affairs, and when she saw it did no good, she left him. He kept up with his specialty, analysis of the similarities between species, and he saw that many of the changes were small. Cumulatively, they had a huge effect, but individually, they were small.  One of his co-workers, Brock Hardcastle, came up with a formula, a retrovirus that would insert the changed genes into a man's genetic structure. He failed to argue for testing, for sufficient funding—he failed at all of it. Brock was willing to test it—but Bob thought, "What if it's successful?" So he steeled himself, hit Brock on the head, and gave himself the shot.

      Normally, he can control the transformation, but--when it's least convenient--he can't. He doesn't know what controls the transformations in those cases, but he wishes he were Alpha Male all the time. As Bob, he blends into the background; as Alpha Male, he's almost seven feet of grey-furred muscle and speed, channeling the power of the wolf. As a wolf, he's fast, he's superhumanly strong, and he has the claws and sensory abilities of a wolf (the Animal Mimicry). 

      Also, Alpha Male thinks he is in charge of the group: that he's their titular leader. While he is good at pack tactics and most of the others listen to him in a fight, he's not actually smart when he's a wolfman. But to avoid trouble, the others act like he's in charge. The Creature particularly goes along with it, even though he's the real leader, because Alpha Male is the only one strong enough to take him in a straight-up fight. Bob doesn't want Valentina particularly, but he will object to anyone else being romantically involved with her.

      He wants to be admired, given fealty and tribute--he doesn't get that as a normal man.

      When not Alpha Male, he has straight 3 stats, except for his Intellect, which is 5.
      Prowess       5  Awareness  6
      Coordination  3  Intellect  2
      Strength      7  Willpower  3
      Stamina      10  Determination 1

      (I forgot to mention it: I've left the Determination in, in case you want to use the characters as models for player characters. I know villains don't normally have Determination.)
      Science (Genetics)
      Military (tactics)
      Animal Mimicry 6 (Wolf) Bonus: Mimic animals without being within sight
      Leaping 3
      Super-Speed 2
      Fast Attack 5
      Genetic researcher
      Likes the power of being a wolfling
      Weakness : Powers only in werewolf form; otherwise 3s with a 5 int
      Human milksop, needs to be leader of the pack as a wolf
      Unknown reasons to change back and forth
      John McMullen (Young old coot)
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