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  • John McMullen
    I m not going to say anything new, so skip this if you want. Steve s suggestion works very well if everyone s going to share something like Transformed or
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 22, 2012
      I'm not going to say anything new, so skip this if you want.

      Steve's suggestion works very well if everyone's going to share something like "Transformed" or "Birthright" or "Unearthly" (which just seems to happen in my in-person groups: three of the four fill be aliens, for example).

      If you want to keep the origins as random, you have everyone get their powers in the same event but have different responses to it. So they have the same origin story ("We were all assigned to work on analyzing the Omega Event, and we thought we had it: we were trying to duplicate it on a small scale. Poor Carruthers was at point zero when it got out of control, but his ghost has stayed." (Unearthly) "On the other hand, the event seems to have brought out a latent mutation in M'cabe's genome." (Transformed) "I've been developing some technology to help us." (Gimmick) "And originally we thought that Pinot was like M'cabe, but it turns out he was from a secret organization that was watching us." (Birthright)

      The event can affect a team (a legacy kind of thing, an accident that happens to a group investigating) or it can affect only certain individuals (the Wold-Newton families, or everyone in Pittsburgh when the Whiteout happens). If you pick your reason carefully, you can have random character generation.
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      On Jan 22, 2012, at 2:04 PM, "David Andrews" blaster219@... wrote:
      Now as interesting an idea as it is, I'm not sure how to pull it off. Also,
      since all the PCs will be getting their powers at the same time through the
      same method, I'm having an imagination failure when it comes to coming up
      with a group origin other than "exposed to cosmic/gamma rays".

      A couple of thoughts, David:

      First is my adventure "The RetConQuest" available on RPGNow:


      The characters' origins are explored retroactively during the adventure, because they are in a changed timeline and reasserting their own. It's a way of including a "flashback" that has active bearing on the adventure.

      The second is the M&M adventure series "Emerald City Knights" the first part of which is available for free online:


      In the prologue, the "Silver Storm" strikes Emerald City, granting many people exposed to it super-powers. The aftereffects and the origin of the storm are the subject of the rest of the series. It could provide some useful inspiration.

      One last suggestion is a power-legacy approach: a dying superhero (or supervillain!) perishes near the characters, bestowing powers upon them. Perhaps each gets a portion of the dead character's power, or it stimulates entirely new powers for each of them.

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