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Re: Power theft, a philosophical rambling, with questions

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  • the_bronze_rat
    I ve decided to take a different slant with Magpies power theft (with her permission). Her power is semi-sentient (the Magpie affect). It doesn t have much
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      I've decided to take a different slant with Magpies power theft (with her permission). Her power is semi-sentient (the Magpie affect). It doesn't have much interest in the modern world, but its been around a very, very long time. So, I want to have fun with the "world of powers". Thus, she can indeed steal powers from some very odd places - like pistols, cell phones, cars, etc. To the magpie spirit (way in the background) it does a quick glance "Oh yeah, they have a magic device to project force. Damn those humans are boring.... never change. Oh well." And boom, she has a blast of 3, and the thugs pistol doesn't work.

      I want to emphasis that the modern world is downright full of super powers, and try to highlight some of the wonders of the mundane. In between pounding heads into pavement, of course.

      Thanks for the inputs, It really helped!

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "the_bronze_rat" <rlyon@...> wrote:
      > I'm about to start GMing an Icons campaign. The characters were produced by a combination of random roll with heavy tweaking. My girlfriends character, Magpie, has some interesting possibilities. Her main power is Power Theft 8. (She is transformed, and her secondary power is resistance to magic 3. Her power is mystical and was handed to her - she isn't the first to wield the Magpie effect)
      > Most people for Icons Power Theft houserule in at least a couple of changes. It doesn't affect battlesuits, and it is an opposed role. I'm not going with either of those, because I can see some really interesting possibilities to explore. But I also don't see my ability to GM for such a character for long..... a dozen or so adventures sure, but long long term.... no.
      > What is a power? A thug pulls a glock handgun, pulls a trigger, and sends a blast (effect 3). Is that a power? He gets it integrated into his arm, now he points, thinks, and launches a bullet (he still has to load bullets). Is that a power? Take away the gun alltogether - its a blast of flame.... why is that suddenly a power, compared to the gun? Or, a car? How about wizardry, which could be a learned skill?
      > She does have the challenge, can only drain a sentient creature. This still raises some interesting areas. She can't affect a robot. Give that robot sentience, and boom, she can drain it. Of, if its a guy in a battlesuit, boom, drained! However, what if its a teleoperated battlesuit with an autonomous mode? Say its badguy operated, but the badguy is across town in a life support unit, and the suit has an autonomous battle mode, just in case control gets disrupted. Does she gain powers equal to the suit, and if so, does the suit actually lose its power, or does it revert to autonomous mode? (THAT would make for a nice surprise, now wouldn't it?)
      > What about aliens? Is a Skrulls shapeshifting actually a power? (Same thing with mutants, really, is wolverine's regeneration a power?) Cyborgs? What about an elephant with human intelligence? Would its strength be a power, and if so, what would it be drained to?
      > How about those powers with drawbacks. Lets say she drains a thousand year old vampire. Is it human until the power (curse) comes back? She drains a vampire - better avoid sunbathing, right? And holy water...... what about draining a vampire who is starving, and out of its mind with hunger? Since that is part of the power, is she suddenly starving for blood?
      > Tarpit (villainomicon) is going to love her.......
      > Thoughts, ideas, things I might have overlooked? Any characters out there to read about who are power thieves, aside from Rogue?
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