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  • Soylent Green
    Cool. I m really curious now to see the revamped pyramid test . Personally the success pyramid is one of those things which really made ICONS click for me. I
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      Cool. I'm really curious now to see the revamped "pyramid test". Personally the success pyramid is one of those things which really made ICONS click for me. I use it for chases, interrogations, hacking, disarming bombs, you name it. The trick is to add some sort of limit (number of attempts or number of failures) and attach some sort of consequence should the test fail.

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      On Dec 18, 2011, at 6:22 AM, icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com wrote:
      RetConQuest is really good.

      Thanks, glad you like it!

      It's not as pretty as the Adamant adventures but it will be a look easier to print.

      That was the idea: going with a layout that, while a bit less colorful, is also readable and more "printer friendly".

      The Scimitar Robots have a Prowess of just 2. I'm not sure that is intentional but you'd think a robot armed with Blast 6 would have better aim.

      Actually the Scimitars have Prowess 3 and Coordination 2. Their Military Expert specialty is meant to give them a bonus as well, but I'll include a note about them having Weapon Expert as well, since the idea is they have better-than-average aim (level 4 with specialty bonus) but aren't all that good at dodging.

      On page 7 of the adventure there is a reference to ICONS main book page '@@'. I guess that's just a typo.

      It is. Thanks for catching it! It should be "page 74". Once I've had a chance to shake out any other bugs or errata, I'll see about uploading an update to the PDF.

      On page 13 there is a reference to "pyramid test (from ICONS Team-Up)" which is later revealed to be the same thing as the "Success Pyramid" found in The Villainomicon. Is the Success Pyramid being changed in Team-Up?

      Not so much changed as expanded upon. The name change is to bring the concept in line with other types of tests (simple and opposed) and Team-Up introduces a bunch of options to customize pyramid tests to make them a really useful all-around tool for GMs.

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