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Re: A General Query and asking for advice

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  • Seamus
    What you ve got is pretty good so far. I d say leave it for now, and fill in the details as your players need them. That will give you the opportunity to tweak
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      What you've got is pretty good so far. I'd say leave it for now, and fill in the details as your players need them. That will give you the opportunity to tweak the thing organically as it grows into a story that will be satisfying for everyone. ICONS is great for this, and it will save you a ton of work if certain parts of your story become irrelevant.

      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "Colin T" <colinfit20@...> wrote:
      > Have an idea in my head that I'd like an opinion on.
      > Previously on the Gallant Knight Enterprises message board I tried to figure out a background for a variety of characters for a game i was thinking about.
      > It never got off the ground but am currently involved in an Icons game thats been switched away from the message board I mentioned above due to far too much spamming going on.
      > Anyway been thinking (always a bad thing!) and I wanted to discuss some ideas which I've been inadvertedly thinking through and mentioend there almost introducing a couple of them as npc's but only as emphasis for my characters precognitive abilities.
      > Anyway I was thinking about a pair of supervillains whom currently pose as major superheroes.
      > Using them as the analogue of Superman and Batman my idea about their background is inspired by Smallville specifically Lionel and Lex Luthor.
      > The father managed to anger a supervillain named the Deathbringer who killed him, but Gregory Alexander (his name) escaped death through using cloning technology developed by a rival who was the original Batman analogue named Serpentine.
      > Having stolen the heroes body he has spent several years rebuilding his new lease on life but stupidly revealed his true identity to his nemesis causing Deathbringer to deliberately kill him several times where the rest of the world believe Serpentine to be a major hero and Deathbringer as the world's most prolific superhero killed unaware the supervillain is actually desperately trying to stop Gregory Alexander knowing full well what kind of monster he actually is.
      > To make matters worse Gregory's son Richard stole the body and powers of the Superman analogue known as Adonis who is the leader of the world's most powerfulest superhero team.
      > He managed this during an attack by the alien invader known as Oblivion whom slew most of Earth's superpowered defenders along with its military and covered up his action by claiming he and his team had been temporarily imprisoned by the alien as the first strike against the Earth.
      > With the rest of his team either dead or missing they have had to rebuild their team and whilst the world believes this is a good thing however the only forces that stand against the Alexanders' conquest of the world is a retired supervillain, a retired superhero named the Virtue of Truth who is the analogue of Kal-L (Superman of the 2nd world War) and the Deathbringer's own daughter who was instrumental in stopping Oblivion the first time.
      > So what do you think?
      > Too much? Do I need to expand on the rest of their new team or look into what the team was before Gregory Alexander got control of Serpentine's body?
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