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Re: [icons-rpg] And a random NPC looks generator

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  • John McMullen
    Thanks! I don t know how many I m shooting for; I know that any given category will top out at 36, but most will be less than that, because I want multiple
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 30, 2011

      I don't know how many I'm shooting for; I know that any given category will top out at 36, but most will be less than that, because I want multiple numbers to represent something ("Plain" is more common than "Attractive," for example, and "lot of acne" will be more common than "gills and webbed hands"). I've already dumped some because I thought they were too similar to each other, so one had to go, and I moved "wings" to another descriptive place so that it didn't show up with gills.
      John McMullen (Young old coot)

      From: Cameron Mount <cameron.a.mount@...>
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      Here are a few other possibilities. I don't know how many you're shooting for.


      *Description 1*
      with a lot of acne
      with freckles all over
      with a lazy eye
      with crossed eyes
      with an accent
      with sunken eyes
      with buck teeth
      with an under/over bite
      with braces
      with a wheelchair/crutches
      with a speech impediment (stutter, lisp, mute, etc)

      *Description 2*
      Wears a baseball cap
      wears a baseball cap sideways
      wears a baseball cap backwards
      wears a leather jacket

      *Trait or hobby*
      talks incessantly
      drums on everything
      smacks gum

      On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 12:44, Cameron Mount <cameron.a.mount@...> wrote:
      Just wanted to note that Apocalypse World is a really cool game. It's heavy on the Narrativist side of the spectrum, but it's a very ingenious and fun system.

      On Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 12:32, John McMullen <jhmcmullen@...> wrote:
      One of the things I notice in this Hope Prep adventure (The Substitute) is that there are a couple of groups that I might have to populate on a moment's notice. So I'm figuring out a random NPC generator, and coming up with lists.

      Going off the model of Apocalypse World, which I've never read but found an NPC generator on the web, descriptions will be of the form:

      a <adjective> <boy|girl|human of indeterminate gender|alien-looking|non-human> <description 1> <description 2> <trait or hobby>

      So my current values are great but they're missing huge quantities of "normal" -- things that make the characters real but not exceptional in this milieu. (I'll weight the boy/girl/alien thing so most of the kids are normal humans.) Currently I have:


      *Description 1*
      with dead eyes
      with facial piercings
      with multiple earrings
      with tattoos
      with a big nose
      with piggy eyes
      with pale eyes
      with dark glasses
      with glasses
      with an obviously artificial body part
      with an eye patch
      with beautiful blue eyes
      with brown eyes
      with blue eyes
      with green eyes
      with purple eyes
      with hazel eyes
      with braces
      with crazy eyes
      with haunted eyes
      with thin lips
      with a seriously receding chin
      with gills and webbed hands
      with a life support system
      with a scar on face
      with sad eyes
      with jolly eyes

      *Description 2*
      wears a bandana or armband
      has a mullet
      has dreadlocks
      with a shaved head
      with a mohawk
      with a crew-cut
      with wings
      wears a wool hat
      always has a kind word
      joker and class clown
      with green hair
      with purple hair
      with multicolor hair
      with brown hair
      with blue hair
      with blonde hair
      with white hair
      with red hair

      *Trait or hobby*
      chews a toothpick
      whistles loudly
      rolls dice
      knows a martial art
      loves playing a sport
      plays video games obsessively
      collects trophies
      collects <something>
      is a big fan of <something like Harry Potter or Dr. Who or a particular fashion designer>
      wears a necklace that is odd <something like pennies strung together or rat skulls, something that obviously has some meaning to the character>
      plays a harmonica
      plays a guitar badly
      plays an accordion
      plays a guitar well
      flips a coin
      pokes people with a finger
      reads manga
      reads sports magazines
      reads fashion magazines
      reads blogs

       I'm trying to keep the two descriptions distinct and keep them to things the PCs would notice, in the absence of special powers.


      (I will repost with die rolls when this is done; perhaps it can be the basis for a more general generator.)

      John McMullen (Young old coot)

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