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[Calling Steve Kenson on the Bat Phone!] Re: damage from falling?

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  • jaerdaph
    Thanks Seamus- I like how you ve adapted this to work with the ICONS panels and page turn play. jaerdaph
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      Thanks Seamus- I like how you've adapted this to work with the ICONS panels and page turn play.


      --- In icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com, "Seamus" <sotp_seamus@...> wrote:
      > While I can't answer for Mr. Kenson, I might be able to offer some insight. I like to use the Classic Marvel system when I don't have a good idea of what to do for a rule. I'll try to adapt and summarize what it says here:
      > -Measure distance in floors.
      > -A character falls at this rate:
      > -1st page: 3 floors
      > -2nd page: 6 floors
      > -3rd page: 10 floors
      > -Every floor after the 4th: 20 floors
      > -When the hero hits the ground, have them make a Strength roll against the object strength of the ground (see the chart on page 61). Add +1 to a maximum of +3 for every floor traveled before impact.
      > -Treat the result as a Slashing attack against the falling caracter. Add +2 for every floor the hero would travel that page, including excess after impact. A miss counts as a hit.
      > -On a Stun or Kill result, as well as applying the normal results, compare the hero's Strength to the object Strength of the ground. If the hero's Strength is greater than the object strength of the ground, the hero breaks the ground and leaves a crater.
      > For example, The Troll takes a dive of the top of a 10-story building. By the time he hits the ground, he's traveled 10 stories, and was at a speed of 10 floors per page. He rolls a -1 for a result of 6 (9(Strength)-1(dice)+3(distance)). That's a Kill result. The damage level is (get ready for this) 26 (6(Strength)+(2x10)) The Troll takes 15, meaning that in order to survive the fall, he'd have to get a +5 result and spend 2 Determination so that he is only rendered unconscious.
      > It may seem a little harsh, but it discourages ridiculous occurrences of people jumping out of windows for no good reason.
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