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Re: [icons-rpg] Thoughts on Jailbreak!

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  • John McMullen
    It might be giving too much away, but at one point I had one of the puzzles be a logic puzzle with five villains, five powers, and five weaknesses: SHARD
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      It might be giving too much away, but at one point I had one of the puzzles be a logic puzzle with five villains, five powers, and five weaknesses:

      SHARD robots, Power nullification, Can't take two simultaneous attacks
      Null, Invisible, Only when he's stolen powers
      Void, Phaser, Doesn't feel real
      Killer GM, Smart, Must give clues
      Tom Bambico, Explosive blast, The Blue Wire (they saw the name as anagram of "atomic bomb")

      And then the Critical Hit Squad was duplicates of the *other* (imprisoned) heroes, who had still been chosen to give my guys a rough time.

      Scorcher's powers were mostly nullified, so she searched and looted bodies, on the pretext that some of it might be useful later. "You say it works in computer games..."
      John McMullen (Young old coot)

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      And don't forget Gremlin! Yeah Probability Control seems to be popular among Icons NPCs.

      Funny think about Scorcher, one of players in my game hit it off with her too just last Sunday. He faked getting sucker-punched to let her go right after the post office scene in the Mastermind Affair. Now that was a Compel that really worked.

      I've not got round to Jailbreak yet but will use the same twist you applied and stage it as rescue mission, so more break in than break out. 

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      Subject: [icons-rpg] Thoughts on Jailbreak!

      I ran a modified version of Jailbreak last night (someone else was testing the
      jail, the heroes were asked to rescue them after the bomb had started; this
      meant we skipped the COLDITZ puzzle, ran the robots after Null & Void, but there
      were only two players there, so it went okay.

      Man, the early ICONS adventures frequently used probability controllers as
      villains, didn't they? That's Destiny, Miss Fortune, and Killer Gamemaster, and
      there might be others. Since one of the PCs is a Probability Control guy, that's
      a lot of lucky breaks flying around. I think from here on, it will be a rare

      When characters have levels higher than, say, six, in something, you have to
      make adjustments to the villains. A Prowess 4 villain against a Prowess 9 hero
      (counting Martial Arts in the defense) is one-sided. Now, given what a prowess 9
      is, that's understandable, but I fear that all the fights are becoming
      cakewalks. Once in a while, it should be tough. (From my side of the table; I
      should ask the players if the fights are tough enough.)

      Didn't require the players to tag the robots' Weakness because there were only
      two PCs and not enough Determination points. I think one player was down to one
      or zero. (I was giving them out fast, but the players are getting used to
      spending them.)

      Running an NPC hero seems kind of arbitrary (I ran Scorcher, who is now one PC's
      girlfriend and on probationary release with him supervising). Either the GM
      says, "Yeah, Scorcher helped" or he says, "Oh, she missed." I suspect for this
      kind of situation, giving the character to a player and letting him run the
      character as a PC character (with its own pool of DPs) is the way to go.

      Have to post to Gauntlet because there seems to be a bug in the character
      folio--sometimes it doesn't let you update the starting determination for a
      character, but only sometimes. Can't track it down better than that yet.

      John McMullen (Young old coot)

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