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RE: [icons-rpg] Recommend good first ICONS module

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  • Soylent Green
    I ve not run Mastermind Affiar yet, but it looks really good. Seems like the kind of scenario that never follows the same course twice because it s so
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      I've not run Mastermind Affiar yet, but it looks really good. Seems like the kind of scenario that never follows the same course twice because it's so flexible. The New Zealand and the Dunsmouth adventure also look good and I hope to try them out before long.
      I was concerned that Sins of the Past might be too long for a session. In actual play we did actually get through it in a single session. In retrospect though I think it would work best as part of an ongoing campaign. That way you can introduce the Golden Agents in an earlier adventure and pace the events in the adventure more slowly, alternating it with more routine adventures. I think done that way it will give the adventure more grativas.
      I ran Skeletron couple of times - once online and once face to face. It's not bad but find it needs a bit of work. Skeletron spoilers below...
      My main problem with The Skeletron Key as written is that it assumes the player characters will fail in the inital scene to prevent the theft of the Spartan. Even if you offer DPs in way of compensation I think it's bad form and likely not to go as planned anyway. I find it better to start the adventure right after the theft  of the Spartan. The heroes are summed by General Coates (or whatever the NPC is called) the testing site and asked help recover the Spartan. In the face to face session I started the game with a random fight (specifically resucing civillians from the Lobster Men From the Deep), sort of like a cinematic intros of the Batman Brave and the Bold cartoon series.
      Another twist I added is to have a robotic version of Dr Fox under Skeletron's control at the testing site (the real Dr Fox having being kidnapped). The robot Dr Fox is the one who shtus down the Spartan's control allowing it to be captured. This gives the players one more avenue to investigate becasue if they discover the robotic impostor and defeat him they can then hack into the robot's brain.

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      I have not run Sins yet. (I do fill-ins.) I started with Skeletron Key but my players predicted every step of it. Mastermind was good (I made the hero hq a boat and the possessed man a hero's father). Murder of Crows was a nice change of pace.

      Sins looks good but I worry that it will be too long for my guys.
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      I need a good first module to knock it out of the park. I have a group of guys that played Champions back in the day but haven't played a PnP RPG in nearly 20 years. I've been wearing them down for a year or so. We've been playing MMOs and co-op games online for over 10 years. Most of the players are reticent about returning to PnP. I'm trying to convince them to give it a try with MapTools.


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