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Apex and his Progeny

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  • Tim K.
    As mentioned before one of the settings I shared (inadvertently) here is for H&S2E, but some people expressed an interest in the characters of a particular
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      As mentioned before one of the settings I shared (inadvertently) here is for H&S2E, but some people expressed an interest in the characters of a particular universe and so I've gone ahead and written them up in Icons. (Just those few that were interesting, plus Apex/Tunguska Man)


      "Adam Newson"
      6'0/200lbs, Brown Hair (Grey Streaks), Green Eyes
      Prowess  8
      Coordination  7
      Strength  10
      Intellect  5
      Awareness  8
      Willpower  8

      Stamina  18
      Determination  1

        Aerial Combat Expert
        Investigation Expert
        Languages Master
        Leadership Expert

        Flight 7
        Danger Sense 10
        Blast 5
        Invulnerability 7
        Power Theft 5  - Only from his Progeny
        Life Support 4 (Cold, Heat, Pressure, Vacuum)

        Motivation : Protect Humanity
        Epithet : The Progenitor of Superhumankind
        Connections : The Firstborn

        Social : Weakness for Women, Known Philanderer
        Weakness : Cycle 13 Radiation

      Apex appeared near Podkamennaya Tunguska River shortly after the Tunguska Event, on June 30, 1908. He spoke a dozen languages but had no memories beyond his purpose. Shortly after arriving he demonstrated superhuman feats of strength, and in a sudden anguished look disappeared from all observers for a period of six seconds. He appeared at the site of a raging fire in a small village in Africa. 

      From 1908 to 2008, he was the world's greatest hero. Using his superhuman powers to aid and protect mankind. Despite being captured, tortured, and threatened in later years by various criminal forces, he never revealed who he was, or where he was from, although at times the vanquished look would appear as if a flash of memory was working through his mind.

      Despite his otherwise impeachable moral code, Apex had a significant (at least by modern Western ideals) weakness--he loved women. He was so enamored of them that various high end dynamic modelling systems report he has approximately 98644 descendants by 2008. (although wilder theories suggest a number pushing ever closer to 144,000)

      When he died in 2008, he was mourned across the world by heroes and villains alike. He had given humanity more than his protection, he had given us invaluable insight into the universe, significant leaps in science, medicine, and technology.

      He appeared no older than fifty five years of age, when he passed on; and no cause of death could be discovered.

      Eddie Morning Sky Hawthorn
      6'3"/230lbs, Bald (Originally Brown), Glowing Eyes (Originally Brown)
      Prowess  7
      Coordination  5
      Strength  8
      Intellect  6
      Awareness  5
      Willpower  9

      Stamina: 17
      Determination  1

        Science (Physics, Biology)
        Leadership Expert
        Power (Elemental Control)
      Elemental Control: Radiation 7
        -All (Attacking, Creating, etc.)
      Absorption Radiation 5
       -Ability Boost, Healing
      Life Support 4 (Cold, Heat, Radiation, Vacuum)
      Transmutation 4

        Motivation : Evolve Humanity
        Epithet : The Annihilator
        Connections : Atomicide (Cult)

        Enemy: Apex, UNION, Knights of Tesla
        Personal: Leaks Low level radiation at all times (and glows)

      Atomicaust was born in the 60's, and given the name Morning Sky. He was raised in a religious cult that held Apex, as a potential savior to mankind, and ordered its members to do anything to assist him, including having its female members seduce Apex. 

      Despite his weakness, Atomicaust is the only known child of Apex's born within the cult.

      He was "rescued" by cult deprogrammers hired by his grandparent's to rescue him and his mother. While she returned to the cult as soon as possible, Morning Sky remained under his grandparent's care. He was given a new more traditional first name "Eddie," and was quite adept at meeting the social challenges his strange birth and first decade of life had imposed upon him.

      Eddie, excelled and eventually went off to college.  During his years at college he was exposed to a variety of ideas, and conflicting cultural expectations that while difficult did not stop his continued rise through study and hard work.

      However he was exposed to radical ideas in evolution through controlled mutation by his professor Dr. Thomas Boucicault. Becoming the good doctor's protege he continued his upward climb. This all cam smashing down when his loving grandparents were both diagnosed with advanced leukemia. As they lay dying he turned to the doctor's theories for comfort, and attempted to reverse his grandparents illness. He failed, and in his attempts discovered he was the cause of their illness. He'd always been emitting a low (but dangerous) level of radiation that had gone undetected.

      In his grief, he broke.

      He resurfaced later, heading his own religious cult, dedicated to evolving a new humanity, one strengthened through the rigors of Nuclear War. The first version known as the Temple of Tomorrow, which eventually would give way to the bleaker Atomicide cult in the later years. Their goal, like Atomicaust's own, was to forcefully evolve humanity by use of Nuclear War.

      Using Atomicaust: He's powerful, world shaking villain whose goal is to remake the world in his image. Not so he can rule, but so humanity will "survive." His ideals are not the most sane, but he tends to be focused, and capable. He often has access to any number of superhuman "cousins." Who are willing to assist him.

      Real Name Unknown
      5'7/130lbs Brown Hair,  Brown Eyes.
      Prowess  8
      Coordination 6
      Strength  4
      Intellect  8
      Awareness  6
      Willpower  6

      Stamina: 10
      Determination  1

        Performance Master
        Sleight of Hand Master
        Mimicry Device 3
          The Mimicry Device is a full body suit which allows Ulterior to mimic the body type, and features of another individual. It does not give him there capabilities, voice, or mannerism--merely their physical appearance so long as the person is his height and weight or larger (up to 6'6"/300lbs) He can produce as many of these as he needs.

        Blast Device 5 (Plastic Pistol, can be broken up into numerous non metallic parts)

        Motivation :  Manipulate Others  (for pay.)
        Epithet : The Unknown
        Connection: Various Espionage Agents

        Enemy: UNION,

      Ulterior is believed to have been manipulating others for his own gain since he was very young. Profiles of him show marked sociopathic tendencies. He is known to have plain unremarkable features, brown hair, brown eyes, and be of average build.

      He has constantly been a thorn in the side of UNION (United Nations Investigative Operative Network ) and has amassed considerable enmity from other supers. His goals are seemingly erratic, but do tend fall along similar modus operandi. He is known to operate his own private spy network, as well as freelancing for pay.

      He seems to get his kicks from manipulating others into acting in ways he chooses.

      Using Ulterior: He, may not even be a He, but whatever Ulterior's physical gender, Ulterior is always working primarily for the kicks. Assassination, terrorism, emotional sabotage, physical sabotage. Ulterior does it because its fun, however, Ulterior always has plans within plans within plans. If Ulterior is caught? It is because Ulterior wanted to be caught. UNION has had Ulterior imprisoned twenty six times over the years since "he" appeared. Twelve of them he stole something and escaped within days. Five, he helped others escape,  Twice he was manipulating UNION members into reacting as he wanted, and the rest it was always a stooge, he set up to take the fall.

      The Adamant Man once quipped "IF you think you have Ulterior's motives figured out, discard that, and do a one-eighty, because nineteen times out of twenty you will be wrong.."

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