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Re: [icons-rpg] Re: ICONS sale

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  • eric troup
    Not the only person. There are at least two of us out there.
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 28, 2010
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      Not the only person.  There are at least two of us out there.

      On 27 Nov 2010, at 01:22, Soylent Green wrote:


      Yes, but it's still cheaper then getting Excel. I must be the only person in the world who does not own a copy of Excel.

      No new rules or powers. Beyond the adventures all you get is some ICONS specifc advice on how to handle investigations or when to award DPs which you can take or leave.

      But "Sins of the Past" is very good.  

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      Yes, but there are free xls that do everything Folio does, and even have some options Folio lacks. Still, I understand that Folio will be supported with further add-ons like villainomicon, so I bought it.

      Still hesitant about adventures: do they contain new rules, new powers or something?

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      > The Folio is totally necessary. Best way to get a game started is to sit the player infront of the character generator and get him to keep rolling until he finds something fun. Also good for NPCs.
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