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763RE: [icons-rpg] What's the deal with NPC heroes?

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  • Eli
    Oct 2, 2010
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      Let me chime in as one of those people who like heroes in a book. I can understand the reasoning for not having them, but I do prefer to have some. I feel that they are especially useful in themed settings or settings that are trying to establish a particular universe as they show players what sorts of heroes are out there besides themselves. Also, no comic book hero exists in a vacuum (unless he’s not in an expansive comic universe). They have friends, team-ups, rivals.


      As a few examples Spider-Man teamed up with EVERYBODY. Batman has his rivalry with Green Arrow. There are of course large team rosters like Justice League and Avengers types groups where the players do not necessarily constitute the entirety of the team.


      I do agree that more villains than heroes is a good thing, but there are good reasons for including heroes.




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      On Oct 2, 2010, at 5:58 AM, Soylent Green wrote:

       Icons seems to have not gone down this route though. The rule book only provides villain NPCs. And while I suppose there are a few official heroes like the Mighty Saguaro (who is totally awesome by the way) they mostly appeared on the web as promotional material.


      By design, and exactly for the reasons described.    Your heroes should be the focus.


      We give hero write-ups when they're neccessary to an adventure (the Golden Agents in SINS OF THE PAST, for example), but beyond that, dont' expect an extensive pantheon of NPC heroes in ICONS.

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