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758Re: [icons-rpg] How soon is too soon?

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  • Tim K.
    Oct 1, 2010
      > As a Player and a GM I've always felt it was pretty bogus to bring back 'pet' villians arbitrarily.

      Heh. That's simply what writer's of comics do. I try and make sure my
      player's understand when we are playing comic book superheroes (not just
      superheroes) with all that implies. There is a difference in tone for me
      between the two, a bit of intentional amorphousness to the nature of
      reality in the former. It is where villains come back, and come back and
      escape, and so on.

      Even killing them isn't a good idea, because you might make them more
      powerful next time around. (I love the knowing nod given in both the V&V
      comic book, and Astro City to this happenstance occurring.)

      Albeit I try and not overuse anything too much, it can be frustrating to
      the players. That's true of any game and any GM decision that isn't
      framed by rules. "Goblins again?" is much the same. You always have to
      add a bit of original spin to GMing anything.
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