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756How soon is too soon?

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  • Michael Taylor
    Sep 24 8:50 AM
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      > So the heroes finally manage to send Dr Sin behind bars. And everyone knows the Troll died in that cave in, right?
      > So how long before the GM can legitimately use these NPCs again?

      As a Player and a GM I've always felt it was pretty bogus to bring back 'pet' villians arbitrarily.
      The Villians & Vigilantes RPG (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=81970) has a system for running the trials of the criminals (there are other systems and tables floating around as well).
      A couple of dice rolls and you can *fairly* determine how soon the criminal can escape from jail or maybe get bounced on a techicallity.
      This can also lead to more storie possiblities than just plunking the villian back in and give the chance for PCs to interact with laywers, cops, bail-bondsmen, etc.
      Also, doing it randomly means the PCs won't quickly figure out which villians are your 'pets'.
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