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755RE: [icons-rpg] How soon is too soon?

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  • Soylent Green
    Oct 1, 2010
      There is no question that death can be explained away, it's more a question of when can you (the GM) get away with it with full player buy-in and  does it feel contrived to the players.

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      Even certain death can be side-stepped pretty easily in this genre, especially in the case of very powerful, wealthy, or intelligent villains.


      1)      Robot/clone duplicate

      2)      Ancient secret death trance

      3)      Henchman body double (willing or not)

      4)      Unidentifiable remains. He has to be dead, we found his ring, right? The tattered remains of Dr. Really Bad’s cape fluttering on a piece of the wreckage you saw fall on him.

      5)      Super science contingency plan. Pretty much anything that would allow for an obviously dead villain to have kept himself alive at the last minute – teleporter, mind transferral, dimensional shift, time jump, etc. It works for the Daleks.

      6)      Heroic hubris. The heroes themselves can give the villain all the opportunity to have escaped certain demise. Some players/characters are just a bit too confident in their abilities.


      Any of the above things can be used together or sperately.


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      If the death was off screen (no corpse found and all) 'm pretty sure no one really believes in or out of character that the guy is dead so I guess you are free to recycle any time.
      Next up is behind bars because there are plenty of logical ways a bad guy could either escape or be let out early.
      Back from certain death is requires the longest wait I think.


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