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7Re: [icons-rpg] Re: Getting Things Started

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  • Hollis McCray
    May 26, 2010
      On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 6:56 PM, Eric Edwards <ericedwards71@...> wrote:
      > Hey folks,
      > I’m Eric, been a long time Villains & Vigilantes fan, love the game for face to face supers.  But when running it online, V&V really bogs down, so I’ve been looking for an online-friendly supers game.  I ‘m pretty sure Icons is it.

      Obviously, I am Hollis, Evil Overlord(tm) of the mailing list. I've
      been a fan of supers RPGs for a long time. But my friends and I don't
      have as much time to get together as we used to. Icons looks like it
      will work better for our schedules. I look forward to bending,
      folding, mutilating, using and abusing the Icons rules with you all.
      Now where did I put my Mad Scientist's Toolkit...?
      Hollis McCray
      Mutant Registration Number #US2002023904

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