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6056Evil versions of Heroes

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  • jacksawyer2
    Jul 20, 2014
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      Greetings Icons fans!

      Id like to stat out some evil versions of a famous heroes. The evil clones are of Captain America, Hawkeye and Spiderman.

      Death Shield, Jagged Bow & Blood Spider were real comic villains in Amazing Spiderman #367 & Venom II # 37.  They were trained by Taskmaster to use the fighting styles of their heroic counterparts.

      Obviously I can start with the heroes and adjust from there, but with Great Power some things have changed a bit.

      Cap's shield- should it use damage resistance?

      Hawkeyes arrows- should they use gadgets? They could have several effects(blinding, blast,etc.)

      Spider gets wall crawl, binding, etc.

      Any tips/advice?


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