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5778RE: [icons-rpg] Mooks & Minions

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  • Soylent Green
    Mar 16 1:53 AM
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      I do much the same with some minor variations. In my case this was largely inspired by Fate.

      The group bonus is added to all Actions and Reactions but not to damage or resistance rolls.
      I allow damage from on minion to spill over. So if a hero does 5 damage and each minion has 3 Stamina, then the the attacks take out one minion and does the remainder (2) stamina damage to the next minion.  

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      Hi all - first post.
      Just started running a campaign, and we're really enjoying the quick, loose nature of the game. We've run quite a few different ones before, but Icons is really working for our busy schedules . . . anyways, to the question:

      I've been running minions like this:
      1. They attack as a group - every 3 minions add a +1 to the prowess or coordination test.
      2. The number of minions has no effect on defenses.
      3. A Major success knocks out two minions, a Massive knocks out three. Obviously, burst attacks and etc can do more.

      Other methods? This is working for me, but I'm all ears to other versions.

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