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5769Lots of minions

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  • John McMullen
    Feb 22, 2014
      So there was a comment from David Andrews over on the Google+ community that if there are lots of minions! it means lots of rolling. The minion rules are great for dealing damage and reducing numbers, but the players have to do a lot of rolling to react to attacks on them.

      I came up with this untested option:

      For attacks per PC. I assume that the minions aren't helping each other, and that the PC can't ignore the attack with Resistance(Damage) or something. Invulnerability to bullets means you can ignore the attack (unless you want to compel some bad luck, like ricochets hitting essential equipment or bystanders). I also assume all the minions have the same chance of hitting, so the minions punching with Prowess 2 are in a different group than the ones firing with Coordination 3.

      For a group of four to eight minions (so ten minions would be two groups), we're going to assume that 1 rank adds the same effect as 4-8 opponents who are unlikely to hit. Add 1 rank to the standard attacking value--the P, C, or W. There's a lot of them, but they might be getting in each other's way. The +1 to hit bonus represents the sheer quantity of attacks, because you're only going to roll once for this gang.

      If the attack doesn't hit, do the next group. If the hero really fails the dodge/prowess and the group of minions hits...

      - If the minions get the equivalent of a moderate success, normal damage.

      - If the minions get to the next level, normal damage+1 (they hit multiple times, really well).

      I suppose you could do damage+2 for the equivalent of really exceptional successes but these are minions; I'd only do it if I actually had a story purpose for having the PCs defeated (and even then, I'd be likely to award Determination for it and just say, "Here's a shiny Determination point if you get captured."



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