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5765RE: [icons-rpg] Re: "Icons" with Kids?

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  • Dan Dillon
    Feb 3, 2014
      Thanks very much for these great ideas, Soylent Green! 

      On reflection, I think my daughter really would like a pair of (inflatable) D6s that were, like, the size of beach balls (or bigger).  I never would've thought of anything like that myself.  (But my wife might be less enamored of the spectacle of us "rolling dice in the house," I fear....)

      When first thinking about how Determination Points might work in our little game, I did actually consider using candy (as opposed to, say, poker chips), as well as unused Chuck E Cheese tokens, actually.  In many respects I think that's a great idea, too.  But I came to worry that my daughter wouldn't "spend" them in the game, but instead would: (i) hoard/eat them, or (ii) skew her play to an exclusive focus on earning more.  I began to think that (ii) might not be a bad consequence, actually, and might make for a fun game.  But the realist in me concluded that (i) was the far more likely outcome....

      Thanks so much for the link to the Crime Table document, too: I will definitely use that!  (I suspect that the "Where" tables may be particularly useful to me, especially as I try to come up with adventures 'on the fly' after having my daughter roll on the Plot Element tables at the start of our game sessions.)


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      1. How do you think your daughter would take to Fudge dice in place do d10? Fudge dice are pretty special and this days you can get Fudge dice in attractive colours. Or how about some novelty, over-sized d6s?

      2. Steve's suggestion simplifying Determination to a simple re-roll mechanic is excellent. And you could always represent Determination Points with M&Ms :-)

      3. To generate adventures together, on the fly,  you might also want to look at my "Crime Table" doc which is on the Icons wiki (http://icons-truth-justice-and-gaming.wikispaces.com/Adventures) and should also be in the files section of the Icons yahoo group. 

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