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5755Re: [icons-rpg] Demographics-based random background generator

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  • Mike Olson
    Jan 31, 2014
      Absolutely interested.


      On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 10:40 PM, <crisfolley@...> wrote:



      Would anybody be interested in an unholy combination of Icons, d20 Modern, US Census data, US Department of Labor statistics, and US Bureau of Justice statistics?


      After the Hero Creation poll came out, I revisited an old project of mine: a random background generator. I took the d20 Modern starting occupations and translated the skills and feats into Icons specialties, downloaded the 2012 CES survey results and grouped the occupation classes according to the d20 Modern starting occupations (except Adventurer, Criminal, and Student), downloaded the 2010 US Census data and grouped the population aged 0-19 into the Student starting occupation, downloaded the 2012 prisoner statistics and grouped the total into the Criminal starting occupation, converted the final percentages into a d6-using 5-step table, and added the Adventurer starting occupation to the first step to represent a world containing professional superheroes.


      Be advised, this only covers 69% of the 2012 US population. However, we can probably add the 6% of the 2010 US population age 75+ to get a total coverage of 75%. Additionally, the Adventurer starting occupation and unemployment are both in that leftover 25%. I might only be missing 18%.

      So... anybody still interested?

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