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5752World/Campaign Design

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  • mjhyke
    Jan 18, 2014

      I was wondering if people give any thought to how the world works when they play Icons.  I know it's not needed.  You can just have a city and have the adventures happen there no need to go any farther. However if you do lay out the world background, design, history what is your world like?

      So do your worlds have any of the follow issues and how does it work for you?

      Kick ass, Super, RLSH(real life super heroes):  Low power or no power superheroes: I think I saw someone comment that you would just have more skills and tech and less powers.  Since our hero's will not be bullet proof how does that change the campaign?

      The boys, Shield, BPRD:  In Boys Instead of being the ones who go after the super villains you monitor the Superhero's.  Sort of like internal affairs in a police department.   With Shield and BPRD you are investigating unusual activities.   More like being Sherlock Holmes and trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it.   You would need a different skill/power set than just fighting the villain of the week.

      "It's all about Marketing": In "The boys", the  superheroes, don't really do anything but argue about money.  Does anyone deal with money in their campaigns.  Do you have different teams fight for advertising so they pay their insurance bills.  I assume that Icons wouldn't handle players being super accountants very well but was wondering how players deal with money if it at all.  We have Peter Parker who is always broke and Batman who has more money than god. 

      "There's Million's of them Mr. Rico":World with lots of superheroes.  In most comics only a small percentage of the population has superpowers usually around 1% or less.  Would it change the campaign if 20% or more of the population had superpowers? Would it make the campaign more interesting or just clutter it up?

      Irredeemable , Justice Lords(DC),  Crime Syndicate(DC), Super gods:  Where the bad superheroes (or good sups who have gone bad) are stronger than the good guys.  In most comic books the good guys have the edge.  They are usually more powerful and numerous then the villains.  What if it wasn't so, what if the most powerful super beings were evil.  How would it change the campaign?

      Word Girl villains.  Word Girl for those of you who don't know is a PBS show about a superhero who is really good with words and can also fly and fights crime.   She of course has a rouge gallery of villains she fights every episode.  I think someone should write these guys and gals up in ICONS terms.  I personally think that superhero campaign should have a bunch of cheesy 3rd rate villains to annoy the heroes.  Does anyone else do this?

      Anyway just some random thoughts and question.  Look forward to your comments.