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  • John McMullen
    Jan 14, 2014

      I wonder if anyone could built a campaign skeleton (not a campaign) that would outline these sort of connections. My first thought is kind of a set of binary trees:


      MASTERMIND -(Monster wins)->   DR. ZODIAC  -(escapes)->     DUNWICH
       CONTEST                    (Mr. as Zodiac)             (trinkets are
           |                              |                    zodiac gems)  
      (Mr. wins)                        (Caught)                   |
           v                              V                        |
        SINS OF PAST   --->         MURDER OF CROWS  <-------------           
      (Scorcher related;       (farm built on hiding place of gems)
      Gremlin father of Killer (Explains magic, might provide clue if
      Gamemaster, grandfather   they lost Dunwich adv.)
      of Destiny)                          |
            |                              V
      (revenge for father)

      (That won't come through because it isn't constant width on some of your
      screens, but heck, it's only an example.)
      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig--drat, it's under the couch)


      From: Soylent Green <gsoylent@...>
      To: icons group <icons-rpg@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 11:17 AM
      Subject: [icons-rpg] Dr Zodiac, Universe Style Play and more

      I started an Icons campaign in September, which we decided to convert to Universe Style Play given that we are all GMs. Yesterday we were meant to start the new leg of our campaign, switching GM for the first time but at the last minute though the GM had to cancel. So instead I ran an adventure from my leg of the campaign with the existing characters. That in itself shows the vitues of this style of gaming.

      The adventure I ran was a heavily modified version of The Sideral Schemes of Dr Zodiac. I'm not going to give a blow by blow account but there a few things I'd like to pick up on.

      Dr Zodiac is actually a really cool adventure. The range of powers that comes up makes for interesting fights and there is a lot of colourful details.

      While the players reprised the roles of their established characters from my earlier section of the campaign, the whole things turned out to be a lot more fuild. One ofthe players got his new character involved as well, providing a cool intro to the next stage of the campaign. We also had cameos from various NPCs including All Star so that during some of the fights players were sometimes left to control more than one character.This jumping between characters felt all very easy and natural.

      In my version of the adventure Dr Zodiac turned out to be Mr Mastermind. This is something I've been working towards for a while. In our campaign Mister Mastermind lost both his pyschic Gem of Xantar and his title of "Mastermind" as a result fo failing in the Mastermind Affair adventure. He tried to get his revenge on the party in a much modified version of Jailbreak, using him in places of the Killer GM, failed but somehow managed to get away again. Not many of my villains manage to get away from my players once, let alone twice/ So here we clearly had the makings of a proper recurrent foe.

      And that's when the notion  came to me that the villain formerly known as Mister Mastermind, in search of both of a replacement identity and replacement mystic gems, could become Dr Zodiac. It seemed like a such a perfect fit you'd think it was planned all along. The players reaction when this was revealed towards the end of the adventure was the exact pitch of groan for which I'd hoped.

      And yes, he got away yet again. After being held stunned turn after turn by one character's emotion control sadness and slowly being stripped of his many powers by another's power nullification, on the first chance he got he used his teleport to get away. A rematch is clearly called for at some stage.

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