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5737Re: Determined Effort

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  • Ron Frazier
    Jan 2, 2014
      1) Do you require the tagging of a Quality in order to spend Determination?
      2) Do you observe the requirement that Determined effort is only for trying again or one-attempt-only tests?
      No. I don't use Determined effort. See below.
      3) Do you require the declaration of Determined effort (and the setting of the desired outcome) before the roll, and charge a minimum of 1 Determination, even if the test is successful on its own?
      No. I don't used Determined effort anymore. I treat this mechanically like invoking aspects in Fate, where you get +2 (or a reroll!) for invoking one aspect, but you can invoke as many different aspects as you like on a single roll. 
      Ron Frazier
      "One who watches the wind will not sow, and the one who looks at the clouds will not reap."
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