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5735RE: [icons-rpg] Determined Effort

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  • Jonathan Brock
    Jan 1, 2014

      1)      Yes, is one of the most fun aspects.

      2)      No, seems too artificial, cumbersome, and foreign to us, coming from other game systems.

      3)      No, let them spend however many they want at +2 result per.


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      Happy New Year, all! Hoping 2014 will be another successful year for ICONS and Ad Infinitum Adventures.


      A quick, informal survey question:


      Do you handle spending Determination for Determined Effort "by the book" or do you modify the rules in some fashion (and, if so, how)? In particular:


      1) Do you require the tagging of a Quality in order to spend Determination?


      2) Do you observe the requirement that Determined effort is only for trying again or one-attempt-only tests?


      3) Do you require the declaration of Determined effort (and the setting of the desired outcome) before the roll, and charge a minimum of 1 Determination, even if the test is successful on its own?


      Thanks, I look forward to your thoughts and hope everyone has a fun and super 2014!


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