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5663Mastermind Affair to Dr Zodiac via Jailbreak

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  • Soylent Green
    Nov 8, 2013
      Here's another unusual way to link of some of the ICONS adventures.

      Mild spoilers below.

      The really short version. Mister Mastermind, having lost both his title "Mastermind" and the gem of Xantor as a result of the Mastermind Affair adventure reinvents himself as Dr Zodiac. New name, new gems, new trouble for the heroes.

      The long version.In my current ICONS campaign I've just finished running the Mastermind Affair. It was extended version of the adventure. After both masterminds failed to recover their tokens from the heroes, Professor Hominid declared a rematch in the form of each villain had to pull off a spectacular crime aimed at defeating the heroes. For Monster Mastermind I wrote up my own little adventure. For Mister Mastermind I ran Jailbreak but with a bunch of changes.

      Mister Mastermind replaced the Killer GM (I'm sorry but for me that was one pun too far).

      It's not the player characters that get trapped in the prison but a group of "iconic" heroes (All-Star, Hangman, All-American Girl and Atomic Roach known collectively in my campaign as Justice Force). The player characters are brought in to rescue the Justice Force.

      I made a number of changes to the encounters, dropping the puzzles and changing the traps around. I did however use the map and the the count down mechanic in Jailbreak is good fun.

      The final encounter was not with duplicates of the heroes but with mind-controlled Justice Force. And yes, my guys did manage to take down All-Star. They were not however able to save the Ice Box.

      Mister Mastermind did however get away, hitching a ride with Tesseract (from Sin of the Past) only to have is title stripped away from him.

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