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5659RE: [icons-rpg] Heya Guys and Gals!! (Shameless Pluggery)

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  • Soylent Green
    Oct 27, 2013
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      No worries about the sales pitch. I'm just glad you folks keep putting out ICONS adventures as I've been burning through them really fast of late. 

      Now admittedly I always somehow end up dissembling and extensively rigging these adventures (sorry guys!), sometime even merging them together, but it's really, really useful to have all these adventures at hand as a weekly campaign really do use up a lot of content fast and as I only have so much time for game prep. 

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      Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 14:37:58 -0700
      Subject: [icons-rpg] Heya Guys and Gals!! (Shameless Pluggery)

      Hey everyone! 

      I just wanted to thank everyone who purchased the 'Flight of the Nova-1' module, and let you know that it's been revised, revamped, and had some art added as well as a well needed proofread. :) 

      The follow-up to Nova-1, 'Cold War Conundrum' - is out, and bridges the the story from Nova-1 to the rest of the 'Rise of the Phalanx' storyline. It's gotten a good review, which is pretty gratifying in itself, but I want you guys who got the first one to see where the story is going. :) 

      Also, the module for backers of Hero Pack 5 -- "The Nemesis Crisis" should be finished in November, and ready for publication in December, but as soon as Steve okays it, I'll be sending the backer copies to the folks who backed Hero Pack 5 -- along with the standees for the characters from that issue. 

      Beyond that -- Stark City continues with mini releases (The Secret Files series, which focuses on a single area of the city, and has either a mini-adventure OR a few adventure hooks) -- though I'm working with some of the writers of the main sourcebook to create some fleshed out villain encounters for each of the districts, but expect those to come out during the first part of next year. :)

      Mike Lafferty and I will also be participating on the weekend of November 15th in AetherCon, where during the afternoon of the 15th (Saturday) I'll be running a preview of The Nemesis Crisis -- so, stay tuned for more on how to be a part of that Skype game. :) 

      Feel free to shoot me a message or a reply for info on the game, and please feel free to comment with questions on the 'Rise of the Phalanx' series if you have 'em. 

      Dan Houser 

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