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  • Soylent Green
    Sep 26, 2013
      Thanks John!

      A lot of ideas to sift through but I already love the idea of Monster Mastermind sending robotic hawks against the robotic doves, possibly because he wasn't invited to the wedding or just to mess with Dr Nova. The hawks attacking the doves should really confuse the player characters and, if you pardon the expression, throw the cat among the pigeons.

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      A couple of possibilities, most of which involve ideas that you might not want to go with.

      Does Dr. Nova really want the wedding to go through? You have to figure that, since she's all about robots, she could easily create a robot that looks more like Dr. Nova through the ceremony: that is, it is disguised when it enters, but is Dr. Nova by the end of the ceremony. Every time the PCs look at that mysterious woman beside Professor Hominid, she looks more like Dr. Nova, the wanted villain. Himmmm.

      By the way, is anyone present a joker? In the sense of speaking up when the minister says the equivalent of "Speak now or forever hold your peace" and you get, "I object! Nah, just kidding." And then Count Malochio reveals that he had Professor Hominid put bombs under the chairs just in case someone objected and the Dr. Nova robot reveals that she's bombproof so she'll say what she darn well wants to...

      Or the swarm of robotic doves who were supposed to fly off are walking around and between the hosta--er, guests, and it's revealed that they have explosives in them, so best to let the Dr. Nova robot have her say, or walk out undisturbed.

      Or the organ has been tampered with so that it generates a sound that puts everyone to sleep when a certain note is played, and she plans to make her toy escape then. (Or the robot can split up into parts that look like innocent wedding decorations: that would be lovely--everyone falls asleep, the police break in and find...everyone sleeping, and Dr. Nova nowhere to be found. Only the hero with supersenses spots the traces of perfume on the pieces, disguised as an umbrella holder and four vases of flowers in the corners.

      Or the robotic doves are covered by the giant robotic centipedes built by Monster Mastermind, There follows a long standoff where various villains both for and against the wedding reveal how they have countered the previous villain's nefarious schemes by their own nefarious scheme: Dr. Nova had the robot doves, but Monster Mastermind has robot hawks, but Mister Mastermind has mind controlled the minister into going forward no matter what, but Dr. Nova has a dove standing near him with a mind shield (because she saw him on the guest list) and she'll detonate the dove if he goes forward. And the reporter asking people to slow down and repeat their schemes for her notes because they're going too fast, darn it! (And it's okay, because Professor Hominid never built the bombs...doesn't want to spoil his presidential pardon so early.)

      Or the Dr. Nova bot fights briefly but only to cover up the fact that she wants a particular guest on the bride's side to grab her. She'll scan and send biological info such as fingerprints, and the chief building of the defence department is hers!

      Or--new scenario--the wedding is interrupted by the king of the mole people, who has decided that one of them should be his bride (guest, groom, bride: he's kinda wacky, so it doesn't matter who). The floor erupts while they're trying to get Dr. Nova and it doesn't matter who planned what.

      There's a lovely full-length mirror up near the front which the bride and groom were going to use for photographs after the wedding, but which has been altered to contain a teleportation portal. The Dr. Nova robot is planning to escape that way. (And someone else has altered it to send anyone who uses it to an alternate dimension where everything from Lewis Carroll is true.)

      Or a huge fight breaks out even though Dr. Nova is not doing anything, because supervillains have poor impulse control: every supervillain in the groom's party attacks, even though there's no need, and pretty soon, everybody is fighting and screaming and Count Malochio keeps asking, "Is the wedding legal yet?"

      John McMullen (Searching for a .sig)

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      So I'm prepping a supervillain wedding scenario. Count Malocchio is marrying the heir to one of the world's biggest defence contractors in the US in what is a big, public event. Though the police suspect him to have links with the criminal underworld, technically the Count is not a wanted criminal,in my campaign as yet.

      Among the rich and respectable guests there will also a few supervillains (on the grooms side of course), namely Professor Hominid, who in an earlier session of this campaign has managed to get himself a full presidential pardon, and Dr Nova, a player created supervillainess, although she is only there via a robotic simulacra because she is wanted by the police and Dr Nova is very much about building robots. 

      I'm, tempted to place Mister Mastermind and Monster Mastermind among the guests to foreshadow the Mastermind Affair adventure that I plan to run next, hinting that there is an secret, exclusive club for the elite supervillains. It's risk though as I can see that bit going horribly wrong and the heroes arresting the two masterminds before I even get to run the adventure.

      With his setup I suspect I don't really need to do anything more. Once the players get wind of the planned wedding they will complicate it for me. Still I think it's prudent to work out how this might go down without player intervention.

      I'm thinking there would probably be some press at the wedding, even if it's just from the society columnists. It is possible that one of more members of the press might recognise Dr Nova despite her token effort at a disguise, especially as she is seated next to Moninid who is a well known villain. 

      The journalist might then alert the police. Given the risk to the public and in particular the rich and powerful public, I'm thinking the police might choose not to storm the church to make the arrest but cordon off the church and wait for her outside. Perhaps the police call in some superhero support, though it would not be the player characters as they don't really have a working relationship with the authorities.

      In theory the Dr Nova could just give herself up (in Doombot fashion, this is just a robot version of Dr Nova) but then what is the fun in that? She probably has a contingency plan, something to show off just how smarter she is than everyone else, but what?

      Maybe a swarm of robotic doves, given the wedding theme, fly in to cover Dr Nova's escape.The doves bot could combine, forma  larger bot and fly her away to safety. Or maybe something entirely different. Any thoughts?

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